AILG Board mtg 12 April 04

Attending: Dan Geer, David Burmaster, Susan Woodmansee, Bill Denhardt,
Alicia Hunt, Bob Ferrara, Chris Rezek, Steve Paik, Jim Bueche

One year goals, reminder:
   Strong house corporations (know them all, get/create tools)
   Economic buttressing (contribution flow through, econ models)
   Strategic assessment reports (govt/press/MIT relationships)
   Recruitment intervention (parents, public generally)
   Educational offerings (HM101, TR101)
   Capacity growth (executive director)

Bob Ferrara, Dir of FSILG Alumni relations -

Ferrara reports jointly to Beth Garvin (CEO, Alumni Association)
& Larry Benedict (Dean, Student Life) and is  located in W59-200.
Dean Benedict sent a letter of appointment to
already.  Ferrara's role is "to be there for the FSILG Alumni."

His priority at the outset is the IRDF Grant process will be
an important project.  There have been 4 construction grants,
he wants to make the process less painful and more repeatable.
He is working with the MIT's outside lawyers (Palmer & Dodge)
& Joe Maguire from the Treasurer's office.  The current focus
is a working definition of "operating expenses."  What is
included and what is not is very important so as to avoid
the need for case-by-case administrative review.  The AILG
Board requested that the definition of "operational expenses"
used in the Financial Transition Proposal not be used.  Dave
Burmaster will provide a critique of the FTP to Ferarra.

There's much unused money in the IRDF.  When an individual
gives money with a statued purpose, MIT naturally takes a dim
view of widening the purpose after the fact and, therefore, 
only money given going forward will be for these for the grant
program.  Per that reasoning, the construction grants have been
funded only from money given since 1997.  Monica Ellis, Director
of the Alumni Fund, is working with Bob.  Allan Bufferd, MIT
Treasurer, has also already spent time with Ferrara.

One charge from Garvin to Ferrara is that alumni recognition
is given appropriately.  Currently donations to FSILGs over
$500 will show up in MIT donations, but the AILG Board asked
that they also show up in class gifts & other lists.

Steve Immerman, Sr Assoc Dean, Student Life, would like a
demonstration of a fraternity making plans to move to Cambridge.
Allen will poll the AILG membership and talk to Immerman about
the results.


AILG members have an opportunity to help out and best foot forward.
Emily Marcus, ET, has already sent messages to
and will be at the breakfast meeting on the 14th.  Ferrara and Rezek
are already confirmed for one session.



Chris Rezek, E.D., FSILG Cooperative, has been working on this
with others.  He has data and will call a spinoff meeting to
discuss this further.


Dave Burmaster, Chair, Standing Committee on Public Relations,
is planning for news & commentary when the Task Force report
comes out.  That is expected to be by the last day of classes,
which will be difficult as recommendations are being debated


The AILG Board accepts the invitation of the Cooperative to
join on behalf of the AILG itself.


The AILG Board is examining how it should itself be funded,
the mechanism for AILG dues payments to not be hidden in the 
bundle of insurance, fire alarm, and sprinkler accounts, 
the impact of unbundling those three into separate billings,
and all of this in light of our membership in the Cooperative.


Susan Woodmansee, Dave Burmaster & Jim Bueche represent the 
AILG on the committee.  Everyone in the Dean's office, including
Chancellor Clay & Dean Benedict, came to MIT after the requirement
for RAs was instituted and hence any group memory of the time
before resides solely with the AILGs.  Dean Benedict gave a charge
to the group to help frame the discussion.  There are clearly at
least three issues: (1) should there be an RA, (2) who pays for
the RA, (3) what the RA, if any, does.  The distinction between
a mandate and an option with incentives needs early discussion.
Note that for Pan-Hellenic sororities "RAs" are mandatory 
regardless of MIT's decision making..


AILG Board elections are in June.  Per our Charter, the positions
now held by Steve Stuntz and Alicia Allen Hunt are open for election
though Hunt has previously announced that she is stepping down.
Board members encourage each other and membership at large to
discuss these two positions.  As a Board, we would like to have
twice as many candidates as open positions for this round and
in future.


A date will be settle at the 14th breakfast meeting and a speaker
shortly thereafter.  Suggestions welcome.


Alicia Allen Hunt will work on redesign next week - colors, 
layout, etc.


We met with Assoc Dean Barbara Baker last week, she and Dean Benedict
guarantee that Theta can stay in Sidney & Pacific until suitable
other housing is available for them.   "Suitable other housing" does
not seem to be coming any time soon - i.e., within the next 3 years.