Board of Directors, AILG, 24 May 2004

One year goals
     Strong house corporations (know them all, get/create tools)
     Economic buttressing (contribution flow through, econ models)
     Strategic assessment reports (govt/press/MIT relationships)
     Recruitment intervention (parents, public generally)
     Educational offerings (HM101, TR101)
     Capacity growth (executive director)

     voting: Susan Woodmansee, Dan Geer, Dave Burmaster, Alicia Hunt
     non-voting: Jim Bueche, Steve Paik, Bob Ferarra, Chris Rezek
     absent: Bill Denhard, Steve Stuntz

Old Business:

     FSILG Task Force - We have the letter from Vest.  So far,
        so good.  Burmaster takes action to give the News Office
        (Arthur Jones) a paragraph that they can use when they
        are asked for comment.  It looks like the TF will work
        with stakeholders on refinements before the final is
        released in the fall.  One thing that needs to occur is
        clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the
        stakeholders in the FSILG system.  The AILG should have
        a strong role in this.

     Web - We are failing to make the most of this resource; a
        new person must be found for design and maintenance;
        Geer takes the action item.

     Annual Meeting - Final plan to go out shortly; Jim Champy
        has agreed to speak.  A "Year in Review" document should
        be published at the same time (Geer takes that action
        item and preparation of the agenda generally).

     Elections - Allen as Secretary takes action item to prepare
        for the voting.  A formal mailing must be done 10 days
        in advance to give notice of the election.


     National Association of Collegiate Cooperatives - Our own
       FSILG Cooperative is hosting the annual meeting of the
       National Association of Collegiate Cooperatives June
       23-26.  One session will be an open meeting for those
       interested in finding out what's going on elsewhere.
       Perhaps on Thursday (6/24) the NACC attendees will have
       dinner with the AILG board, then the open session for
       others to come.  Rezek owns action items for this.

     Alumni Association - Suggestion made for on-line
       recognition of Alumni roles much as on-line recognition
       of undergraduate activities, etc., are made now.  Ferrara
       takes the action item.

    TechTalk editorial - Solicited by News Office for issue of
       May 19th as part of new "Viewpoint" feature; page 3 of

New business:

    RA Working Group - Continues to meet; Bueche is still
       attending.  Students have been polled.  Benedict has
       asked for report in September so that it can be used in
       FY'06 budget planning.  Question of who pays is still on
       the table.  AILG could, if it chose, put out questions to
       our members on whether an RA program and what sort of
       RAs.  A draft will circulate for the 6/21 mtg.  Please
       send survey questions to Bueche by June 7th.

    Proposal on mailing to incoming freshmen - What and when
       to do this delegated to Emily Marcus.

    Proposal for AILG Treasurer to collect and directly hold
       dues from AILG members, and to set the amount at the
       Annual Meeting - The 4 voting members of the AILG Board
       present voted to have the FSILG Cooperative, Inc., (FCI)
       collect the AILG Dues.

    Proposal for outsourcing to the FSILG Cooperative - The 4
       voting members of the AILG Board present voted to
       authorize that the MikRon & American Alarm bills go
       through FCI.  Further, the 4 voting members agreed that
       the AILG would pay a 2.5% service charge of the fees
       collected for the coming year if FCI cannot in the end
       negotiate a better discount.  On a separate vote, the 4
       voting members requested that such discounts as are
       negotiated be extended only to those houses that are
       members of FCI.  Houses that are not members of FCI will
       be rebilled fee-for-service to MIT, in effect
       perpetuating the status quo for those houses.  This
       service arrangement is to be re-evaluated next fiscal
       year.  Thanks to Executive Director Rezek for the
       extensive documentation prepared in conjunction with this

    Proposal on insurance - The 4 voting members of the AILG
       Board voted to leave the insurance situation as it is.