Minutes for 19 July 2004
Board of Directors, AILG

One year goals
   Strong house corporations (know them all, get/create tools)
   Economic buttressing (contribution flow through, econ models)
   Strategic assessment reports (govt/press/MIT relationships)
   Recruitment intervention (parents, public generally)
   Educational offerings (HM101, TR101)
   Capacity growth (executive director)

I. Call to order

II. Roll call

Board members
   chair: Geer
   present: Denhard, Bueche, Burmaster, Woodmansee, Geer
   absent: Marshall
Also attending:
   Noz (SAE), Rezek (FSILG Coop), Marcus (ET), D'Amico (SC),
   Tatterson (AXO), Chen (PKT), Moon (PKT), Holtey (CP)

III. Old business

* Use of the Web in much more extensive fashion
is unarguably needed.  Matt Condell, 1996/ET,
has volunteered and will begin working that
shortly (he is moving).

* Mailing to incoming freshmen has had a late
start and some difficulty in ascertaining who
controls what sets of labels exactly at what
time.  Burmaster has the action item.

* Jim Bueche gave a report on the RA Working
Group, and retains the action item.

IV. Reports

* The FSILG Task Force has a draft in
circulation which was discussed.

* IRDF Operating Grants are progressing, but any
notes are likely to be out of date.  The centers
of contact for AILG are Tom Holtey and Bob
Ferrara.  Legal details are quite critical, but
in the meantime rough measuring of houses by
Gordon King of MIT facilities, the ascertainment
of the amount of square footage for educational
purposes, and so forth were still being worked
on.  Meetings with all concerned will be
scheduled and announced separately from these
Minutes.  Other details, such as who knows what
(like are donors identified to their houses) and
what sort of allocation committee and what
representation on it we'll have remain to be
worked out.  Monthly meetings and a sixty-day
turnaround on applications are expected.  The
IRDF loan pool remains intact.  An announcement
to donors must be made prior to commencement of
this process, but you can expect it to be
underway by October or November.  Attendance at
these meetings, as an action item, was delegated
to Tom Holtey and Alicia Allen.

V. New business

* A date for the election of Officers of the
AILG, by vote of Board, is now set for the next
(August) meeting.

* AILG dues were discussed.  Synopsizing that
discussion, until 1995 there were no dues.  In
1995, insurance rates went down and taking
advantage of that a small portion of that
reduction was retained year over year for the
then AIFC, noting that not every house is in the
insurance pool this did leave some houses
contributing and some not.  Basically, it is
time to rethink, and to take into account the
billing relationship between the Cooperative,
MIT, and the houses that are and are not in the

Insurance, Mikron, American Alarm, and Dues had
been a single bill, but that is no longer the
case and otherwise irrelevant to this
discussion.  As AILG, we have been spending what
we had, e.g., the Accounting 101 course last
winter cost $5,000 to put on (the money was
cobbled together from a variety of sources).
This year, there will be two classes, the prior
Accounting 101 class and the new class for House
Managers.  Our other meetings, the breakfasts
and the annual meeting, come to about $3,000.

By vote, the Board recommends a dues figure
of $450/year/house, which will be on the
agenda for approval at the first breakfast
meeting of the AILG at large, September 15.
Houses will need to have an authorized voting
representative at that meeting.

* It is now appears likely that the decision on
whether a house is or is not "Institute approved
housing" will be made on the basis of a
recommendation by the AILG.  At our present
level of planning, that would be a binary
decision based on self-examination by each house
of itself and the report of a visiting committee
from the AILG.  Dean Benedict would, of course,
retain the final authority just as academic
accreditation has a formal self exam, a formal
visiting committee report and recommendation,
and a decision maker taking those reports under

We expect such a committee to be in place in due
course and that it will be composed of six to
eight appointed members each of whom is above
reproach.  This matter will be taken up again at
the August meeting, after the election of officers
as, per charter, the Vice Chair owns the action

VI. Adjournment