Historically, benchmarking productivity between airlines has been limited to comparing each airline to a select group of carriers that often are arbitrarily chosen to be the comparator group (e.g., "low-cost" airlines). The ADP makes a concerted effort to provide the data and analysis to make meaningful comparisons between companies as well as sectors of the industry and to address a lack of consistent metrics.

To align with unit costs, we assess ASMs (output) per employee (input) for all employees and flight employees. We then take that analysis a step further and assess the number of ASMs produced per dollar of labor compensation.

Calculating the output per employee is only one part of the equation. It is equally important to understand the cost of that output. Often the two produce very different results.

We do not exhaust all of the measurements that could be used to gauge productivity. Instead, metrics within the data-set allow users to make adjustments for average aircraft size and stage-length in addition to the analysis we provide for the carriers included in the industry average. For example, an adjustment for average aircraft size is relevant when analyzing the number of ground employees an airline employs per aircraft.

This section provides each carrier's data, allowing users to make many other comparisons in addition to those included here.


Data at a Glance
  Employees and Productivity Charts
  Total ASMs Produced per Employee  
    Total ASMs Produced per Dollar of Employee Compensation  
    Total Pilot and CoPilot Average Block Hours per Month  
    Total ASMs Produced per Dollar of Total Pilot Compensation  
    Flight Attendants    
  Total Flight Attendant Average Block hours per Month  
  Maintenance Staff    
    Percent of Maintenance Expenses Outsourced   excel file
    Ground Staff    
    Passenger, Cargo and Aircraft Handling Employees per Aircraft   excel file
  Percent of Non-Maintenance Expenses (Ex Fuel) Outsourced  
  Individual Carrier Employee Data and Analysis    
  American Airlines  
  Continental Airlines  
  Delta Air Lines  
  Northwest Airlines  
  United Airlines  
  US Airways  
    America West Airlines  
    Southwest Airlines  
    JetBlue Airways  
    AirTran Airways  
    Frontier Airlines  
    Allegiant Air   Excel
    Alaska Airlines  
    Hawaiian Airlines  
  Virgin America Airlines  
    Spirit Airlines