Center on Airborne Organics
1997 Annual Report

California Institute of Technology 

Professor Glen R. Cass: 
Personnel: Jonathan Allen, Postdoctoral Associate; Lara Hughes and Michael Kleeman, Graduate Students; Robert Johnson, Undergraduate Student 

Professors John H. Seinfeld and Richard C. Flagan: 
Personnel:  Tim Jungkamp, Postdoctoral Associate; Jay Odum, Robert Griffin and David Cocker, Graduate Students; Joseph Bozzelli and Larry Lay, NJIT 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Professors John B. Heywood and Simone Hochgreb: 
Personnel: Haissam Haidar, Graduate Student 

Professor Simone Hochgreb: 
Personnel: Kuochun Wu and Ivan Oliveira, Graduate Students 

Professors Simone Hochgreb and Arthur Lafleur: 
Personnel: David Kayes and Derek Kim, Graduate Students 

Professor Jack B. Howard 
Personnel: David Kronholm, Graduate Student 

Professor Gregory J. McRae 
Personnel: Betty Pun, Graduate Student 

Professor Mario J. Molina 
Personnel: Keith Broekhuizen, Graduate Student; Luisa T. Molina and Rafael Navarro-Gonzales, Research Staff 

Professor John B. Vander Sande 
Personnel: Arpád Pálotás and David C. Bell, Postdoctoral Associates; Lenore C. Rainey, Research Staff 

New Jersey Institute of Technology  

Professors Joseph W. Bozzelli and Tsan Lay 
Personnel: Ruth Wei and Takahiro Yamada, Graduate Students; Allan Petrin and Gem Patel, Undergraduate Students; Rajiv Berry, Research Staff; Tim Jungkamp, John Seinfeld and Jack Howard, CAO Collaborators 

Professors Joseph W. Bozzelli and Tsan Lay 
Personnel: Takahiro Yamada and Chiung-Ju Chen, Graduate Students; Satyen S. Amin, Undergraduate Student 

Professors William N. Carr and Kenneth R. Farmer 
Personnel: Qi Xing Sun, Postdoctoral Associate; Chao Sun, Graduate Student 

Professors Robert Pfeffer and Henry Shaw 
Personnel: John G. Stevens, Co-Principal Investigator; Istvan Bagyi and Zhong-Ming Zhao, Postdoctoral Associates; Gui-Hua, Wei Song, Maria Rosa Diakno, Shu Sun, Ziapong-Yong Tang, Kaiwan Ma, Shan Xiao and Ian W. Buedick, Graduate Students

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