Center on Airborne Organics
1997 Annual Report

Member Affiliation Expertise
Dr. Praveen K. Amar 


Atmospheric chemical and physical processes modeling, air pollution policy, combustion sources control technology.
Dr. Nancy Brown Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Combustion, chemical kinetics, modeling.
Dr. Larry T. Cupitt
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Atmospheric chemistry, air pollution monitoring and methods.
Dr. Cliff Davidson Carnegie Mellon University
Atmospheric transport, deposition processes, aerosol behavior.
Dr. Anthony M. Dean Exxon and Engineering Company
Free radical kinetic, detailed kinetic modeling.
Dr. John R. Holmes California Air Resources Board
Air pollution research on atmospheric chemical processes.
Mr. G. Blair Martin
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Combustion processes, acid gas control.
Dr. Thomas W. Peterson 
University of Arizona 

Chemical and environmental engineering, combustion-generated aerosols.
Dr. Robert Sawyer 
University of California at Berkeley
Combustion-generated pollutants, regulatory policy, automotive emissions and control
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