Current Projects as of June 2000, ending May 31, 2001

Project Title


Sources and Control

Study of Fuel Rich Combustion Particulate Matter Formation


PAH and Soot Formation Modeling using Detailed Kinetics and Experimental Data

Barton, Howard

Computer-Generated Kinetic Models for PAH Formation


Numerical Tools for Large-Scale Kinetic Models

Barton, Green

Transport and Transformation

Laboratory Studies of the Photochemistry of Organic Peroxides: Determination of the Photolysis Rate for Conditions Appropriate for Use in Urban and Regional Air Quality Models


Kinetics of Photochemical Aerosol Formation from Airborne Organic Compounds


Kinetics and Thermochemistry of Primary Steps in Oxidation of Airborne Organic Compounds


Secondary Organic Aerosol: Yields, Formation Mechanisms, and Molecular Speciation

Seinfeld, Flagan

Laboratory Studies of the Atmospheric Oxidation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons


Kinetics, Reaction Path Analysis and Elementary Reaction Mechanism Development for Atmospheric Photochemical Oxidation of Aromatics and Oxygenated Aromatics


Monitoring and Source Attribution

Development of Semiconductor-Based Adsorption-Modified Photosensitization (SAMP) Sensors for a Sensor-Array Device for the Monitoring of Organic Gases

Zaitsev, Kebbekus

Micro-concentrator Interface for Real-Time VOCs Sensors

Mitra, Misra


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