Murid SD-SMP-SMA Mengerti Apa? PDF
This article discusses an educational innovation that focuses on using exam problems as a medium to convey novel concepts and/or useful insights to students. Several examples of specially-prepared problems are presented to illustrate how this type of educational innovation may help students develop strong analytical thinking capacity in science, mathematics, as well as in humanities/social sciences.
(Note: the article is written in Bahasa Indonesia)

Betapa Tak Intuitifnya Probabilitas PDF
Probability and statistics could unexpectedly catch us off-guard, even though we might have been taught the subjects at school more than once (in primary school, secondary/high school, and also college/university). We first review some of the basics, and later proceed towards several practical examples that demonstrate the non-intuitive nature of various probabilistic problems/scenarios.
(Note: the article is written in Bahasa Indonesia)

Bagaimana Peribahasa Dimaknai Kini? PDF
This article explores the way how Indonesian idioms (i.e. "peribahasa") have been largely interpreted and used by the Indonesian people in general. It specifically highlights the natural susceptibility for many of these Indonesian idioms to be taken purely as advice/counsel, and how unlikely it is for these idioms to be used as straightforward & morally-neutral metaphors of empirical patterns/phenomena.
(Note: the article is written in Bahasa Indonesia)

A Pragmatic Solution to the Dikti Memorandum PDF
We take a close look into what could be an effective response to the letter of memorandum No.152/E/T/2012 that was issued by one of the directorate within the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture early in 2012. More specifically, we outline a way of implementing this memorandum without really patronizing the Ministry's unrealistic aspiration. The approach would allow Indonesian universities to ensure that everything is going to be mostly business as usual in terms of the students' workload, while staying formally compliant to the actual content of the memorandum itself.