Current Members

The following is a list of AISES/NASA members.

MIT Alumni/Graduate

  • Tony Falcone is Onondaga from Boston, MA. He attended MIT as an undergraduate and is currently a MIT grad student in the STS program.

Class of 2000

  • Julia Devine is an Aquinnah Wampanoag from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She is majoring in Civil Engineering. She is our President.
  • Ophelia Goatson is Navajo (Dine') from Arizona. She is majoring in Civil Engineering. She is our Vice-President.
  • Chris McGuire is from Colorado. He is majoring in Biology.
  • Mia Heavener is from Alaska. She is majoring in Civil Engineering. She is our Treasurer/Secretary.
  • Jason James is Choctaw from California. He is majoring in Environmental Engineering. He is our OMESAC Representative.

Class of 2001

  • Jake Lake is Bannock/Shoshone from Boise, Idaho. He is majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Class of 2002

  • Jason Parris is from New Mexico. He is majoring in Management.
  • Meryl Towarak is Unupiat Eskimo from Unalakleet, Alaska. She is majoring in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Class of 2003

  • David Shane Lowry is Lumbee from Lumberton, North Carolina. He is a pre-med student.
  • Thunder VanBrocklin is from Michigan.
  • Grace Kessenich is Ojibwa from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • S. Elizabeth Burr is Navajo from Tustin, California. She is double-majoring in Biology and Comparative Media Studies.
  • Meagan Cholakian is Choctaw from Valencia, California. She is majoring in Aerospace Engineering.
  • Katherine Hall is of the Potowatomi Citizen's Band. She is from Broomfield, Colorado.
  • Aurora K. Kagawa is Native Hawaiian from Honululu, Hawaii. She plans to major in Civil Engineering or Course 1-A.
  • Jennifer M. Morris is Choctaw/Blackfoot from Cedarhurst, NY. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering.
  • Joshua Roberts

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