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Our work is distinguished by its close synergy with complementary studies in experimental immunology laboratories and clinical research. We have collaborated with over 15 different immunology laboratories and currently have active collaborations with the laboratories below.

Our laboratory is one of the six core groups comprising the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, & Harvard – a multidisciplinary institute focused on understanding the human immune response, and harnessing this knowledge to develop a vaccine against HIV.

Selected Collaborators:

Paul Allen, Washington University School of Medicine
Dennis Burton, The Scripps Research Institute
Mary Carrington, National Cancer Institute
Mark Davis, Stanford School of Medicine
Michael Dustin, NYU
Herman Eisen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nick Gascoigne, The Scripps Research Institute
Eric Huseby, UMass Medical School
Mehran Kardar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ed Palmer, Universitat Basel
Hidde Ploegh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ellen Robey, University of California-Berkeley
Jeroen Roose, UCSF
Andrey Shaw, Washington University School of Medicine
Uli von Adrian, Harvard Medical School
Bruce Walker, Harvard Medical School
Arthur Weiss, UCSF


Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT & Harvard

NIH: Physical Science Oncology Center
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