This page is a gallery of kinetoplast movies that I recorded at MIT in 2018. I have put them here as an easy way to show people what I've done. If you've come here by mistake, my email is

This is a population of kinetoplasts. There are two bigger ones to the right, which have been replicated but not yet divided. Most of them are about 5 microns in diameter.

This is a single kinetoplast rotating.

This is a confocal image I took of a kinetoplast.

This is a kinetoplast in an array of microfluidic posts moving under an applied field.

This one is experiencing shear flow due to electro-osmotic flow in a narrow channel, and looks like a frisbee.

This is the same movie at two different contrasts, showing the kinetoplast network being degraded by intense light as I attempt to stretch it, shooting off fragments in both directions until the breakage percolates and the network comes apart like a supernova.