New required course for AKPIA students starting Fall 2015

Islamic Architecture and the Environment
Prereq: G; open to UG with permission of instructor
Level: G
Units: 3-0-6
Instructor: James Wescoat

This course studies how Islamic architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning reflect and transform environmental processes in various regions and climates of the Islamic world, from Andalusia to Southeast Asia with an emphasis on South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Using systematic approaches to environmental data collection and analysis, it examines strategies behind the design of selected architectural elements and landscape design types, ranging in scale from the fountain to the garden, courtyard, city, and agrarian region. It critically explores cultural interpretations of Islamic environmental design (e.g., of “paradise” gardens), as they developed over time in ways that enrich, modify, or obscure their historical significance.

Spring 2015 AKPIA@MIT Courses

Architecture Design Option Studio — Granada: Design with History

Instructors: Nasser Rabbat & Cristina Parreño Alonso
Time: TR 1-6 studio
Prerequisite: 4.145 or 4.153
Credits: 0-10-11 H G

4.625J / 11.378J
Water Planning, Policy and Design — Woven Waters: Islam and The Bay of Bengal
Instructor: Elizabeth Hermann
Time: M 9A-12N
Room: 5-216
Prerequisite: Permission of lnstructor
Level: 3-0-9 H


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