I'm a postdoc at Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, working with Elias Issa. In 2019, I got my PhD at Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT, working in Josh McDermott's Computational Audition Lab.

Broadly, I'm interested in auditory computation, neuroscience, and behavior -- and making detailed connections between all three.

The two main lines of my PhD work focused on:
  1. Building better models of auditory cortical computation, using recent advances in deep learning.
    See our 2018 Neuron paper.
    Also our 2019 COiNb review.

  2. Understanding how we robustly encode sound sources of interest in the presence of real-world background noise.
During my PhD, I was funded by the DOE's Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, and affiliated with the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines.

Here's a blurb on my research, and here's a brief synopsis of the 2018 Neuron paper.

Before grad school I worked in Nancy Kanwisher's lab, and before that I went to Dartmouth.

email: [first][last]
more info: my CV