Categories of Symbolic Objects — Master List
Compiled by:
Carrie Bodle, Jesse Aron Green, Brenda Galvez, and Pablo Wenceslao
Alphabet (Pablo Wenceslao)
Altars (Brenda Galvez)
Animal tracks (Pablo Wenceslao)
Animals (Carrie Bodle)
Animals, certain kinds (Jesse Aron Green)
Animals, certain (elephant-wisdom, monkey-mischief, bald eagle)(Pablo Wenceslao)
Architecture (Carrie Bodle)
Armature (Carrie Bodle)
Army medallions (Jesse Aron Green)
Art (Pablo Wenceslao)
Artifact (Pablo Wenceslao)
Awards (Carrie Bodle)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Badges (Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Band pins (Jesse Aron Green)
Bell-jar (and anything put inside a bell-jar)(Jesse Aron Green)
Benches (Jesse Aron Green)
Bible (Jesse Aron Green)
Bills (Carrie Bodle)
Bones/fossils (Pablo Wenceslao)
Bongs/pipes (Jesse Aron Green)
Books-literature (Carrie Bodle)
Bottle Caps (Brenda Galvez)
Brands (Brenda Galvez)
Bridges (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Buoys (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Business Cards (Brenda Galvez)
Calendar (Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Candle/fire (Pablo Wenceslao)
Cards-greeting cards (Carrie Bodle)
Cartoons (Jesse Aron Green)
Clothing, certain types (Pablo Wenceslao)
Certificates (Carrie Bodle)
Checks (Jesse Aron Green)
China (Jesse Aron Green)
Church (Pablo Wenceslao)
Clothing (Brenda Galvez)
Coffee table books (Jesse Aron Green)
Coffee tables (Jesse Aron Green)
Colors (Pablo Wenceslao)
(Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
Containers (Pablo Wenceslao)
Contracts (Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Costumes (Pablo Wenceslao)
(Carrie Bodle)
Crafts (Carrie Bodle)
Credit cards (Jesse Aron Green)
Crosswalks (Brenda Galvez)
crowns and other state/holy jewels (Jesse Aron Green)
Crowns (Carrie Bodle)
crystal (Jesse Aron Green)
Currency (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
Currency/money (Jesse Aron Green)
Décor (Carrie Bodle)
Degrees/Certificates (Pablo Wenceslao)
Dice (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Diplomas (Jesse Aron Green)
(Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
Directional tools-i.e. compass (Carrie Bodle)
Dog bowls, etc. (Jesse Aron Green)
Dog-tags (Jesse Aron Green)
Emblems (Pablo Wenceslao)
Engagements (Carrie Bodle)
Engraving (Pablo Wenceslao)
Family Relics (Carrie Bodle)
Fences (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Films (Carrie Bodle)
Fingerprint (Pablo Wenceslao)
Fire Hydrants (Brenda Galvez)
Flags (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Flasks (Jesse Aron Green)
Flora (Carrie Bodle)
Food (Eucharist)(Pablo Wenceslao)
Food (Carrie Bodle)
Furniture (Carrie Bodle)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Gift certificates (Jesse Aron Green)
Globes (Jesse Aron Green)
Gloves (Jesse Aron Green)
Good luck charms (Carrie Bodle)
Graffiti (Jesse Aron Green)
Graffiti/Tags (Brenda Galvez)
Graphs/charts/legends (Pablo Wenceslao)
Gravestones (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Greeting cards (Jesse Aron Green)
Haircut - a specific kind of haircut (whatever it may be)(Jesse Aron Green)
Haircut/hair color (Brenda Galvez)
Hand gestures (Pablo Wenceslao)
Hats (Carrie Bodle)
holy water (Jesse Aron Green)
ID Cards (Brenda Galvez)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Ids (Carrie Bodle)
Jewelry (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Key chains (Brenda Galvez)
Keys (Carrie Bodle)
Jesse Aron Green
Pablo Wenceslao
Letters (Carrie Bodle)
License plates (Carrie Bodle)
Light Houses (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Logos (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Love symbols (heart)(Pablo Wenceslao)
Luck symbols (horseshoe)(Pablo Wenceslao)
Lunchboxes (Brenda Galvez)
Magnets (Brenda Galvez)
Make-up (Carrie Bodle)
Maps (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Mascot (Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Masks (Brenda Galvez)
Matchboxes (Brenda Galvez)
Material (wood, gold, silver, etc.)(Pablo Wenceslao)
Material (Carrie Bodle)
Medals (Pablo Wenceslao)
Medals/Trophies (Brenda Galvez)
Memorials (Brenda Galvez)
Mirrors (Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Molecular diagrams (Jesse Aron Green)
Money (Pablo Wenceslao)
Monuments (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Murals (Brenda Galvez)
Names (Pablo Wenceslao)
Number (Pablo Wenceslao)
Passports (Jesse Aron Green)
(Brenda Galvez)
Patches (Pablo Wenceslao)
Periodic table (Jesse Aron Green)
Pews (Jesse Aron Green)
Photographs (Pablo Wenceslao)
(Carrie Bodle)
Piggy Banks (Brenda Galvez)
Plants/flower (Pablo Wenceslao)
Plaques (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Pocket Knives (Brenda Galvez)
Podiums (Brenda Galvez)
poker chips (Jesse Aron Green)
Pools (in florida, on a tall building in New York, in the suburbs, all mean different things)(Jesse Aron Green)
Postcards (Brenda Galvez)
Posters (Brenda Galvez)
Precious Stones (Brenda Galvez)
Public Buildings (Brenda Galvez)
pumps (Jesse Aron Green)
Quilts (Brenda Galvez)
Rabbit's Foot (Brenda Galvez)
Religious food: challah, holy wine, lamb's shank, etc. (Jesse Aron Green)
Religious Icons (Carrie Bodle)
Religious Ornaments (Brenda Galvez)
Religious Relics (Pablo Wenceslao)
Rings (Carrie Bodle)
Road signs (Pablo Wenceslao)
Rust (symbol of decay, time)(Pablo Wenceslao)
Samples-food samples, free samples, paint samples (Carrie Bodle)
Scar (Pablo Wenceslao)
Sculpture (Carrie Bodle)
Seals (Carrie Bodle)
Shapes (Carrie Bodle)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Shields of Arms (Brenda Galvez)
Signs (Carrie Bodle)
Souvenirs (Brenda Galvez)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Stages (Brenda Galvez)
Stained glass windows (Jesse Aron Green)
Stamp (Pablo Wenceslao)
Stamps (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
State/country birds, trees, flowers, etc. (Jesse Aron Green)
Statues (Brenda Galvez)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Sticker (Pablo Wenceslao)
Street signs (Brenda Galvez)
Talismans like horeshoes, four leaf clovers, etc. (Jesse Aron Green)
Tapestry (Pablo Wenceslao)
Tarot Cards (Brenda Galvez)
Tattoos (Brenda Galvez)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Technology (Carrie Bodle)
Tickets (Pablo Wenceslao)
Ties (Jesse Aron Green)
Time devices (Carrie Bodle)
Tombstones (Pablo Wenceslao)
Tools (Carrie Bodle)
Torah and its coverings (Jesse Aron Green)
Totems (Brenda Galvez)
Toys (Carrie Bodle)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Trading Cards (Brenda Galvez)
Traffic lights (Brenda Galvez)
Traffic signs (Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Transparency vs translucency (Pablo Wenceslao)
Trophies (Carrie Bodle)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Uniforms (Brenda Galvez)
(Carrie Bodle)
(Jesse Aron Green)
(Pablo Wenceslao)
Vases (Jesse Aron Green)
Vinyl Records (Brenda Galvez)
Visas (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Wall/Fence/enclosure (Pablo Wenceslao)
War Protection (Carrie Bodle)
Watch (Pablo Wenceslao)
watches & clocks (Jesse Aron Green)
Water (Pablo Wenceslao)
Weapon (Pablo Wenceslao)
Weather (Carrie Bodle)
Wrapping Paper (Brenda Galvez)
(Jesse Aron Green)
Zen Garden (Brenda Galvez)