Burton-Conner Alumni Page


This is the Burton-Conner Alumni Webpage.  This website is intended to be a way for current and past residents to reconnect with the dorm in which they lived.  Any past resident should know that they are always welcome back to visit the floors and see the dorm whenever they are in the area. 


Clockwise starting from Top Left:

1)    Entrance to Burton-Conner from 410 Memorial Drive. 

2)    Housemaster Merritt Roe Smith and MIT President Susan Hockfield playing Wii with Conner 2 residents.

3)    Father Bernie Tao(’76) and son Greg Tao(’10) standing in front of a floorboard on Conner 3.  Both are alumni of Conner 3.  (Photo Courtesy of Liv Gold)

4)     Burton-Conner residents playing bridge in the hallway.  (Photo Courtesy of Lew Cohen(’58))

The history of Burton House

This project started in STS.050 The History of MIT, taught by Professor David Mindell and Professor Merritt Roe Smith.  Professor Smith is well known at Burton-Conner because, along with his wife Bronwyn Mellquist, he is the Housemaster of the dorm. 

With his guidance I started to research the history of the dorm.  On January 30th, nearly 9 months after the start of this Project, the first edition of The History of Burton House was released.  A reunion was hosted the same day and nearly 120 alumni showed up to tour the dorm and share stories. 

To read The History of Burton House you can either click the History Tab above for a PDF or email me at msberry@mit.edu for a physical copy.  Note that PDF copies are free, but physical copies will cost the price of printing($11) and shipping. 

-Michael Berry

Class of 2010