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MIT's Association of Student Activities awarded FAP full recognition on June 8, 2005.

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Getting Involved With / Supporting FAP

FAP's Parent Organization: Students United for a Progressive Change (SUPC)


FAP holds meetings every Sunday, from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm, in the Z-Center Media Room (W35-199).

Hans Anderson
Webmaster Hans Anderson
Matt Ciborowski
Events Director Matt Ciborowski

Secretary Andrew Glazer

Treasurer Zachary LaBry
Rachel Longley
Vice President Rachel Longley
Raffaela Wakeman
Publicity Director Raffaela Wakeman
Ali Wyne
President Ali Wyne

Getting Involved With / Supporting FAP:

(1) Submit a request to be added to our mailing list.
(2) Attend one of our meetings or events.
(3) Propose an idea for a project that you believe FAP can and should pursue, or an event
that you believe would further FAP's mission.
(4) Write a short statement or letter that endorses FAP's work.
(5) Write an opinion editorial in The Tech explaining why continued American engagement
in the global theater is of critical importance, and proposing ways in which it can be 
made more prudent and sustainable.

FAP's Parent Organization: Students United for a Progressive Change (SUPC):

FAP's predecessor is Students United for Progressive Change (SUPC), founded by Zaahira
Wyne, who is currently a senior at the University of Virginia. Although the two
organizations are different in some respects, they retain crucial similarities, chief
among them the desire to nurture discussion among and between students of our generation
on the proper exercise of American power. Zaahira has been generous with her insights and
guidance, which, in considerable measure, have nurtured FAP's vision. She was kind enough
to supply us with this blurb about her organization:

"I established Students United for Progressive Change (SUPC) at the University of
Virginia in the Fall of 2003 to provide an alternative space for students, faculty, and
community members to discuss and influence American foreign policy. SUPC is unique on
campus insofar as it promotes progressive values -- such as fairness, justice, and
sustainability -- while recognizing the complexity of foreign policy issues and
advocating critical political discourse over polemical debate. The organization's members
have accomplished these objectives through a variety of mediums -- among them,
student-faculty discussions, guest speaker lectures, awareness-raising campaigns, voter
registration, and direct action."