Welcome to Angles 2008, the inaugural issue of a magazine that publishes exemplary writing by students enrolled in one of MIT's introductory writing subjects, which are open to all students and all levels of ability. The work featured in this issue was written during the 2007-08 academic year.

Four subjects constitute the introductory writing subjects at MIT: 21W.730, Writing on Contemporary Issues; 21W.731, Writing and Experience; 21W.732, Introduction to Scientific and Technical Communication; and 21W.734, Writing about Literature. Some students are asked to take one of those subjects, having been determined to need an intensive writing course, one where they draft, get feedback, and then revise every major writing assignment of the semester . Others elect to take one of the classes because they want the experience of an intensive writing course. Each section of these courses has a specific thematic focus and particular reading and writing assignments. You can learn more about the introductory writing classes on the website of the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies.

We want especially to thank the Alumni Class Funds for the grant awarded us from their Funds for Teaching and Education Enhancement. Without that grant, the magazine would not exist. It was a pleasure to work with our web designer, Laura Watts. Special gratitude for their very hard work goes to the editors of this year's issue, to the teachers who served on the committee to select what would be published, and to the teachers in the first year writing program who encouraged their students to submit work for consideration. Our thanks go also to Professor James Paradis, Head of the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, for additional funding and for his support and encouragement of the project.

Finally, our sincere thanks to the many students—more than seventy—who submitted work for our consideration. And congratulations to the twenty-one students whose work was accepted for inclusion in this, our first issue.

And now, read on — we hope with pleasure!

Rebecca Blevins Faery, Ph.D.
Director of First Year Writing