MIT Reports to the President 1999–2000


The areas that report to the Vice President and Dean for Research include the departments in the Whitaker College, and the interdisciplinary laboratories, centers, and programs. At the beginning of FY2000 the Intellectual Property Office became a part of the Office of the Vice President and Dean for Research.

The Vice President and Dean for Research continues to sponsor annual seminars on research practice aimed at clarifying the range of acceptable practices in conducting research. These seminars bring together faculty, professional research staff, postdoctoral associates and fellows, and graduate students to discuss topics such as mentorship, authorship, and secrecy in science. They are moderated by Dr. Stephanie Bird, Special Assistant to the Provost and participation is Institute-wide by invitation.


Effective January 1, 2000, Professor Daniel Kleppner became Interim Director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics. Effective January 1, 2000, Ms. Danielle Ashbrook-Guichard became Acting Director of the International Students Office. Mr. Jack Turner became Associate Director of the Technology Licensing Office in April, 2000.

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J. David Litster

MIT Reports to the President 1999–2000