Treasurer of the Corporation

In FY2001, revenues and funds of $1,465.0 million were used for operations. Total operating expenses were $1,385.1 million. The results of operations were $79.9 million in fiscal 2001 in comparison to $38.3 million in the prior year.

Total net assets on June 30, 2001, were $7,855.9 million, a decrease from the $8,155.9 million reported as of June 30, 2000. This decrease was substantially the result of the market value of the investments.

In addition to the management of the investment program, the Office of the Treasurer provided assistance to the Institute's overall financial operations and planning in conjunction with the Office of the Executive Vice President.

Other activities of the Office of the Treasurer supported Institute real estate planning, community relations and the Office of Resource Development.

Allan S. Bufferd

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