Associate Provost

The associate provost assists the provost in academic administration. The associate provost oversees MIT Lincoln Laboratory, addresses the Institute's relationships with federal agencies, and is responsible for campus space usage and planning.

In assuming oversight of MIT Lincoln Laboratory for the senior administration, the associate provost participates in regular meetings of the Lincoln Director's Office, the steering committee, and the advisory board. He also works with the MIT Lincoln-Campus Interaction Committee to foster increased participation between Lincoln Lab and the academic departments.

The associate provost took on the chairmanship of the Committee for Review of Space Planning (CRSP), which oversees space assignments and renovations. He also sits on the Building Committee and Capital Projects Committee. This past year, a sub-committee of CRSP was formed to expedite project review and to allow the full CRSP to concentrate on larger and longer-range issues. Aside from the ongoing renovations, some of the issues addressed this year include the NW sector, life-science needs, the plans for addressing the Bosworth building of the Main Group and the general issue of deferred maintenance, and the development (by the Department of Facilities) of a comprehensive space management system.

Working closely with the vice president for federal relations, the associate provost has worked to establish communications with key federal agencies.

Together with the vice president for research, the associate provost co-chaired a special Committee on the Protection of Human Life and Infrastructure, which was formed by the president and provost following the events of September 11. This committee considered possible Institute responses to those events and delivered a draft report, which is under review.

Claude R. Canizares
Associate Provost
Bruno Rossi Professor of Experimental Physics


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