Center for Advanced Visual Studies

The Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) is an art-based laboratory for collaborations between artists, scientists, and technologists. These collaborations are typically built around projects undertaken by resident Fellows, who also conduct seminars and supervise student participation. An emerging mission of the CAVS is the exploration of the digital arts as a common ground for collaborative projects. Our goal is the creation of important art that could not or would not be possible except at MIT.

Activities of fellows and affiliated faculty during 2001–2002 included:

Educational Activities

Glorianna Davenport and Steve Benton conducted a fall-term seminar series in the CAVS conference space. The subject, entitled MAS.878 Experiences in Interactive Expression, brought the artists Vit Havrank, Daniel Rozin, Ben Rubin, Jonah Bruckner-Cohen, Ellen Sebring and Chris Csikszentmihályi to MIT for a day of discussions with students and faculty. At the end of the fall semester, an exhibition of student-produced interactive installations was presented at CAVS.

Fellow Hisham Bizri conducted a spring-term weekly seminar, MAS.879A Themes in Cinematic and Computational Art, with undergraduate and graduate students.

Fellow Seth Riskin conducted a spring-term weekly seminar/studio, MAS.879B The Culture of Light.

A total of eighteen MIT students joined CAVS as UROPs during this year.


Artists Christine Sommerer and Laurent Mingnonneau were resident at CAVS for two months.

S.A. Benton
Allen Professor of Media Arts and Sciences

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