MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Facilities Use Committee

Reporting to the Provost, the Facilities Use Committee formulates and implements policy for the use of Institute facilities by recognized MIT groups, guests from off-campus, and by non-MIT organizations hosted by Faculty and recognized campus groups.

Chaired by Stephen Immerman, Director of Special Services, Office of the Senior Vice President, this year's committee membership included Susan Allen, Assistant Dean, Residence and Campus Activities; Mary Callahan, Assistant Registrar, Schedules; Nancy Cavanaugh, Administrative Officer, Music and Theater Arts; Gayle Fitzgerald, Associate Director for Special Events and the Information Center; Michael Foley, Manager, Campus Activities Complex; Anne Glavin, Chief, Campus Police; Sandra Lett, Administrative Assistant, Athletics; Dave Michael, Facilities and Operations, Athletics; Mary Morrissey, Director of the Information Center and Special Events; Paul Parravano, Assistant for Community Relations; Mary Tobin, Supervisor, Operations Center; Tina Trager, Event Coordinator, Campus Activities Complex; and Phil Walsh, Director, Campus Activities Complex.

A few changes in committee membership occurred this year. Lisa Rung represented the Registrar's Office while Mary Callahan was on maternity leave. Eliza Dame and Elizabeth Garvin of the Alumni Association were asked to join the committee as discussions of the combined Commencement and Tech Day activities for 1996 began to get underway.

The Committee approved a draft of a "Checklist for Planning Accessible Events" for event planners to assist them in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

During the 1994-95 year, in addition to a number of smaller meetings, the Institute hosted the International Conference on Thinking, the Pollution Prevention Consortium of New England Universities, the Career Connection Job Fair, The Massachusetts State Science Fair, a meeting of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, the National Wheelchair Championships, the International Conference on Computer Vision, the English Language Services Pre-MBA Summer Institute, the Association of Computational Linguistics Conference, and the International Symposium on Man Machine Systems.

Stephen D. Immerman

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95