MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Office of Minority Education

While this year for the Office of Minority Education (OME) can be described as a transitional year, it also has been a year of accomplishments and new directions. In August, Ms. Judy Jackson resigned as Associate Dean and Director of OME in order to pursue doctoral studies at Harvard University. Professor David Gordon Wilson was appointed as Interim Director and served until February 1, 1995.

A search committee, chaired by Professor Rafael L. Bras, reviewed 140 resumes, and received input from the entire community. As a result of this national search, Leo Osgood was appointed as the new Director of OME.


For over a quarter of a century, OME has provided academic and support for underrepresented minority students (African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and Puerto Ricans) through an array of programs designed to promote excellence. OME operated and supported the following programs during the 1994-95 academic year.

Project Interphase
Project Interphase continues to be one of the OME's major efforts in providing academic enhancement to minority students who have decided to attend MIT. The program was reduced to seven weeks from its original eight weeks, concluding immediately before Residence Orientation Week and thereby eliminating the cost of a second trip from home to MIT.

Program XL
XL continues to be a strong academic enrichment program for first-year minority and non-minority students. Participants meet twice a week for one and a half hours in small groups that focus on math and physics. An XL Facilitator (usually a graduate student) oversees the interactive discussion of materials covered in the subjects. The following are the XL Statistics for 1994-95:

                Enrolled    Completed         Ethnicity        Totals    
Fall 1994     64              52 (81%)    African American    26         
                                          Hispanic            18         
                                          Other               4          
                                          Native American     3          
                                          Asian               1          
Spring 1995   47              43 (91%)    African American    18         
                                          Hispanic            12         
                                          Asian               6          
                                          Other               7          

Tutorial Services
The OME Tutorial Services experienced significant growth in tutoring hours over the last six semesters (see chart). In order to address the high number of requests for tutorial services, the OME hired approximately 121 graduate and undergraduate tutors from an array of ethnic backgrounds and disciplines.

                     Fall '92   Spring     Fall '93   Spring     Fall '94   Spring     
                                '93                   '94                   '95        
Users:               296        375        398        385        427        326        
Tutoring Hours       904        1293       1654       2361       2109       1963       
Independent Study    269        371        226        566        228        277        
Athena Use Hours     162        133        102        281        256        223        

Second Summer Program
During IAP, 52 students enrolled in the engineering design workshop for the Second Summer Program (17 African Americans, 4 Native Americans, 30 Hispanics, and 1 Costa Rican; 32 men and 20 women). After completing the engineering design workshop and interviews with the IACME companies participating in the program, 23 of the 52 students were placed with 18 companies. Faculty will visit 13 of these companies during the summer.

Over the spring term, the OME Student Advisory Council was revitalized to create a mechanism for minority students to bring their concerns and issues to the attention of the Director of OME. The OMESAC consists of a cross-section of underrepresented minority student professional and social organizations who meet with the Director of the OME monthly.

Minority Scholarships
The OME continues to be the repository for information regarding minority scholarships. This year the OME facilitated full and partial scholarship support for over thirty-five minority students, with amounts ranging from $1,000 to $26,000.

Minority Awards Banquet
The Nineteenth Annual Minority Awards Banquet received support from the Counseling and Support Services, Office of Career Services and Preprofessional Advising, Office of the Dean for the Graduate School, Office of the President, and Residence and Campus Activities. Over three hundred faculty, administrators, staff, and students attended the event at which students received academic and community service awards for their contributions to improving the quality of minority student life at MIT.

The Spirit
The Spirit newsletter maintained its circulation of 2,000 readers, consisting of faculty, staff, students, members of the IACME, and parents.

Leo Osgood, Jr.
Ruben Morfin-Ramirez
Gail-Lenora Staton

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95