MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Center for Biomedical Engineering

The Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBE) was established in January 1995.


An interdepartmental minor degree program in Biomedical Engineering, developed by the CBE Curriculum Committee (headed by Roger Kamm, Alan Grodzinsky, and Linda Griffith Cima) was approved in May 1995, to be administered through CBE by Associate Director for Programs, Roger Kamm.


CBE members offered new courses in Cell Engineering (Doug Lauffenburger) and Cell & Molecular Kinetics and Transport in Organs and Tissues (Linda Griffith Cima); new laboratory courses are being developed in Molecular Engineering (Paul Matsudaira) and Cell & Tissue Engineering (Elazer Edelman). CBE members are also working with the Division of Health Sciences & Technology to create a new PhD degree track analogous to the Medical Engineering / Medical Physics degree, emphasizing quantitative approaches to molecular and cell biology.


Thrusts are being developed in Molecular Engineering, Cell & Tissue Engineering, and Physiological Systems Engineering. New multi-disciplinary collaborative project areas have been initiated between CBE investigators in Engineering and Biology/Medicine; examples include:


Multi-user core laboratory facilities are being developed, under the direction of Associate Director for Facilities, Alan Grodzinsky, in Graphics Analysis & Display, Histology & Immunochemistry, Biomolecular Interactions & Cell Responses, and Quantitative Microscopy & Image Analysis. A core facility in Electron Microscopy is being shared with the Department of Biology, and a Laser Optical Trap core facility is being developed with the Whitehead Institute.


An NSF grant for development of a multi-user Quantitative Microscopy & Image Analysis Network has been obtained by the CBE team of Elazer Edelman, Ian Hunter, Forbes Dewey, and Doug Lauffenburger. A Whitaker Foundation Special Opportunities Award grant for a Laboratory in Cell & Tissue Engineering has been obtained by Elazer Edelman. A proposal for an analogous grant for a Laboratory in Molecular Engineering has been invited from Paul Matsudaira.

Douglas Lauffenburger

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95