MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Technology and Development Program

The Technology and Development Program's (TDP) primary mission is to provide a focus at MIT for research and education related to the role of science and technology in the socioeconomic growth of developing countries. Its specific objectives are to:

TDP carries out these objectives through research, academic programs, and contacts with international and national organizations that have an interest in broad areas of technology and development. In order to fully utilize available resources, the TDP is structured to interact with other academic departments and research centers throughout MIT.


The past year saw the conclusion of a five-year Collaborative Program on Science, Technology, and Development between MIT and the American University of Beirut. This program involved seven joint research projects relevant to the reconstruction and redevelopment of both physical and institutional resources in Lebanon. These projects included: Wastewater Treatment: Municipal Waste Disposal; Lebanese Power System Reconstruction; and Residential Sector Rebuilding. Four other projects are currently underway: Passenger Transportation Options; Human Resources Development; Multi-Media Technology; and Geographic Information Systems. A new multi-year collaborative program was established with the Government of Mendoza to provide research, education, and administrative assistance to a newly created Center for Technological Innovation in Argentina. Four joint projects have been initiated: Internationalization and Competitiveness; Multimedia Authoring and Applications; Electric-Water Resource Project planning and Evaluation; and Transportation Systems and Infrastructure Development.


The TDP-sponsored Middle East Program at MIT completed its ninth year with 10-12 graduate students participating each semester. The program enables students with an interest in the Middle East to develop an expertise in the area in addition to their own academic fields of specialization. The program examines the processes of socio-economic change, technological development, political change, institutional development, capital flows, and business and investment patterns in the region. Two interdepartmental courses are offered by the program: Politics, Growth, and Development in the Middle East; Technology, Business and Public Policy in the Middle East. The Middle East Program is under the direction of Professor Nazli Choucri, TDP Associate Director, and involves faculty from the Department of Political Science, Department of Economics, the History Faculty, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the Sloan School of Management, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Science, Technology and Society Program, and the Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture.


The TDP Director is Professor Fred Moavenzadeh, George Macomber Professor of Construction Management in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Professor Nazli Choucri of the Department of Political Science is the Program's Associate Director and Chairman of the Policy Committee.

Fred Moavenzadeh

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95