MIT Reports to the President 1994-95



Administrative Services staff were involved in a number of re-engineering efforts including the new accounting system and new mail procedures. Within the Libraries, the staff were deeply involved in activities related to the new library operating system especially in those aspects dealing with acquisitions, fund accounting, financial reporting, and audits. Administrative Services participated in a Physical Plant Pilot Program entitled "Operational Communications Model" that will initially involve the Dewey and Schering-Plough Libraries in a new repair and maintenance system.


The Audit Division completed an audit of the Libraries during the year and the final report was highly favorable.


Administrative Services staff were heavily in the successful renovation of space in the Hayden basement that became the Libraries' electronic training facility. Another major successful renovation was that of the conference room on the third floor of Hayden Library. This room is now a showplace for the Libraries and is in almost constant use for meetings.


Safety and Security

The Safety and Security Task Force completed work on a Patron Relations Manual, intended as a resource to assist staff members in dealing effectively and courteously with library users and to provide uniform procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of library staff and users. The completion of the manual was an occasion for the Task Force to meet with Anne Glavin, Chief of Campus Police to review the procedures and discuss safety matters in general.

Staff Programs

The Staff Programs Committee organized a wide range of well-received offerings for the entire staff this year including tours of MIT and other local libraries units, a tour of the MIT Press, a poetry reading, a slide show, and a pizza party.


On May 16, 1995, the Libraries sponsored a program on "Recruiting, Hiring, and Working with a Diverse Staff" presented by Kriza Jennings, the Program Officer for Diversity and Minority Recruiting at the Association of Research Libraries. The program included an open session for all interested staff on "Diversity in Higher Education - Terminology, Concepts, Why the Emphasis, and Making it Happen." This session was followed by working sessions for supervisors of professional staff and of support staff respectively. These sessions were devoted to discussion of recruiting and hiring practices and general issues surrounding diversity in the workplace. In addition, there was a lunch session attended by selected Institute staff with personnel responsibilities, including the Assistant Provost for Administration and the Libraries' Personnel Officer. The day's program provided participants with a useful introduction to concepts and practical methodologies related to promoting diversity in the workplace.

In March, the Institute issued its Performance Evaluation Form for Administrative Staff. Several Library Council discussions were devoted to discussing the use of the form in the Libraries. Comments on the form were sent to the Vice President for Human Resources. Council agreed to use the form, with minor adaptations, for the Libraries' Administrative Staff beginning in FY1996, and to comply with the Institute's requirement to do written evaluations for all staff annually.

Jay K. Lucker


MIT Reports to the President 1994-95