MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Campus Police

The MIT Campus Police Department continued to serve the MIT community with 24 hour professional police and emergency medical services. In general, crime on campus decreased in most categories this year. There were a total of 1,740 complaints (situations which required the recording of an incident by a police report) recorded during the year. Of these complaints, 14 were in the crimes against persons category, an 18 percent decrease in serious crime when compared to last year.

Larceny again continued to be the largest category of crime, although the number of incidents decreased in all categories. The total number of reported incidents of larceny of Institute property was 124, a 32 percent decrease compared to last year. Again this year, computers and computer components were the most frequently stolen type of Institute-owned property. Personal property thefts were down 16 percent from last year with a total of 466 reported thefts. The number of residence hall losses were also down 46 percent from last year, a significant decrease, with a total of only 67 reported thefts. Motor vehicle thefts dropped 55 percent while bicycle thefts increased slightly. There were 108 arrests made by Campus Police on MIT property this year, the most common being trespassing.

This year, emergency medical service transports totaled 1,848. Of these, 292 were classified as emergencies.

The Campus Police safety shuttle service, A Safe Ride, provided 155,579 personal safety escorts during the year.

The MIT Campus Police Department looks forward to continuing to provide the community with professional police and emergency medical services in the coming year.

Anne P. Glavin

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95