MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Housing and Food Services


Throughout the year, developments and improvements to the MIT Card and its applications continued. In order to promote the use of The Card, publicity was targeted including redesign of a brochure and card holder. A drop poster and panel intended for the infinite corridor is being developed to promote The Card and its capabilities. In addition, a Word Wide Web home page has been created to inform students about The Card.

Customer Service as related to The Card remained a major focus. Improvements in the time required to activate and deactivate cards were achieved. More convenient locations for taking pictures for photo ID's were determined and, for the first time, commuters were able to use their cards in several MIT parking facilities.


An amendment to the ARAMARK contract was negotiated which will eliminate all direct subsidies and reduce the allowance for general and administrative expenses from 3 percent to 1.6 percent of net receipts. Should income exceed expenses, any profit would be split 60 percent to MIT and 40 percent to ARAMARK.

Services were expanded with additional Food Services locations in the Biology Building, at Westgate, and at Walker in the newly renovated Pritchett snack bar and convenience store.

Customer Service was also improved in the Food Services area with the expansion of the customer service center in W20. This is now a full service center, eliminating the need for customers to go to the main office in E32 except for special requests.

An agreement was reached between Baker House residents and Food Services to include the dinner program in Baker House as part of regular operations.


Student safety remained a top priority within the department. Thefts from residence halls were down 40 percent throughout the system in large part as a result of the use of the MIT Card. To maintain the decrease in crime, all students in dormitories and campus apartment buildings are required to attend crime prevention seminars sponsored by the Campus Police.

A number of community meetings were held during the year to address graduate student housing needs. These meetings were well attended and the input from the students was extremely valuable to help ensure that their needs are being met. This is the first phase in the planning process for a new graduate residential building near the campus.


The renovation and construction of Senior House commenced this year. While renovations have begun, the bulk of the work is scheduled for next year. Other repair and maintenance work completed throughout the system includes bathroom and kitchen renovations, roof replacement, plumbing repairs, painting, and elevator repairs.


During the year, particular attention has been given to nightwatch security personnel. The group has had regular meetings and personnel have been encouraged to make suggestions and recommendations on how to better carry out their responsibilities. As a result of these efforts, team morale is high.

Lawrence E. Maguire

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95