MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Office of Facilities Management Systems

The Office of Facilities Management Systems (OFMS) Space Accounting group continued to maintain MIT's INSITE-CADTM floorplans and the INSITETM space inventory. This year, for the first time, the biannual indirect cost database was built completely on a Sun workstation and the Comptroller's Accounting Office indirect cost rate model was moved from the mainframe to a workstation with help from the OFMS Systems Development group. Attention has shifted from input and processing to output and two important milestones were achieved: provision of anonymous File Transfer Protocol access to updated electronic floorplan files for CADVIEWTM and development of a Space Accounting Web homepage through which successful distribution of a representative sample of space inventory products has demonstrated the feasibility of distributing virtually all products via the Web.

The OFMS Systems Development group continued enhancing the INSITETM Space Accounting and Asset Management (Equipment) applications to meet the needs of new Consortium members and members converting from INSITE 3. The team also began designing a client/server implementation of INSITETM which will be available next year. The graphics team has moved from the design to the implementation phase for a new INSITE-CADTM system that will incorporate multi-media data and additional space allocation and planning functionality for MIT's 822 floorplans. This system will be implemented early next year. In addition, the INSITE-DXFINTM system that converts AutoCAD design and construction drawings to MIT's INSITE-CADTM facilities management floorplans has been successfully tested and placed into production.

Technology sharing with other universities and hospitals continued this year through the OFMS Consortium Group. These services, for which the department is reimbursed, include support and guidance in both the technical operation of the INSITETM family of facilities management (FM) systems and application of the technology to an increasingly complex set of FM issues. Six organizations joined the Consortium as new members.

In addition to technology sharing, the office has continued to produce several facilities management industry courses and an internationally recognized conference for senior facilities executives. OFMS staff were also invited to speak at several national conferences about FM and MIT's INSITETM was the topic of a six-city seminar about computer-aided facilities management in Australia.

Kreon L. Cyros

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95