MIT Reports to the President 1994-95

Secretary of the Corporation


The Secretary of the Corporation serves as the Corporation's Recording Officer and as joint signatory with the President in the awarding of academic degrees. The Office of the Secretary of the Corporation is responsible primarily for providing support to the Institute's governing board and twenty-six Corporation visiting committees.


Orientation Program and Annual Meeting

On October 6, 1994, an orientation program was held for new members of the Corporation. In the evening, new members and their spouses and guests were joined by the Executive and Membership Committees for a reception and dinner. At the annual meeting on October 7, 1994, new members were introduced. The Corporation approved the action of the President in the awarding of September degrees and the establishment of a new Master of Engineering degree in Ocean Engineering. Memorial resolutions were presented in honor of W. Beverly Murphy and Julius A. Stratton. A resolution was also presented in honor of Glenn P. Strehle for his service as Vice President for Resource Development from 1986 until June 1994. Members heard reports from the President; Treasurer; Vice President for Resource Development; and from the chairs of the Auditing Committee, Membership Committee, Salary Subcommittee of the Executive Committee, and three visiting committees. Academic Council, faculty from the Biology Department, and members of the committee that had planned the Norbert Wiener Centennial Symposium joined the Corporation members and their spouses and guests for lunch. In the afternoon, members and their spouses and guests were invited to the dedication ceremonies for the new Biology Building.

December Meeting

On December 2, 1994, thirteen former Corporation members attended the meeting as observers. Ronald A. Kurtz was elected to complete the term of the late Donald J. Atwood. The Corporation approved a new Master of Engineering degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics and in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Memorial resolutions were presented in honor of President Emeritus Jerome B. Wiesner. Resolutions were also presented in honor of the conferral on Clifford G. Shull, professor emeritus of Physics, of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics. Professor Shull spoke briefly on the nature of his research and on his career as a scientist and teacher at MIT. Mitchell W. Spellman transferred to the status of Life Member Emeritus. Members heard reports from the President and the chairs of the Membership Committee, MIT Community Service Fund, and four visiting committees. Presentations on reengineering efforts underway at the Institute were given by William R. Dickson, Senior Vice President; Katherine R. Cochrane, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President; and Diane M. Devlin, Assistant Director for Purchasing. In the afternoon, members and their spouses and guests were invited to attend the memorial service for Dr. Wiesner.

March Meeting

On March 3, 1995, the Corporation approved the action of the President in the awarding of February degrees. D. Reid Weedon, Jr., and David S. Saxon transferred to the status of Life Member Emeritus. (With the transfer, Dr. Saxon's title changed from Honorary Chairman to Former Chairman of the Corporation.) Reports were presented by the President and the chairs of the Membership Committee, Screening Committee, Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs, and two visiting committees.

Commencement Meeting

The quarterly meeting was held on June 9, 1995, prior to the Commencement exercises. Memorial resolutions were presented in honor of Treasurer Emeritus Joseph J. Snyder. A resolution was also presented in honor of the retiring members. Colby H. Chandler and Carl M. Mueller transferred to the status of Life Member Emeritus. The Corporation approved the awarding of June degrees and elected new members. Members heard reports from the President and the chairs of the Membership Committee, Screening Committee, and two visiting committees. Retiring Chair of the Faculty, Professor Robert L. Jaffe, made brief remarks on his two-year tenure. Departing Provost Mark S. Wrighton made brief remarks following a tribute by the President. R. Gary Schweikhardt presented Provost Wrighton with honorary membership in the MIT Association of Alumni and Alumnae.


Completed service effective June 30, 1995

Jerome H. Grossman, George M. Keller, Edward H. Linde, Bernard Loyd, and Harris Weinstein.

Leave of absence effective April 7, 1995

Shirley A. Jackson, Life Member, was granted a leave of absence for government service.

Elected to a five-year term effective July 1, 1995

Denis A. Bovin, John K. Castle, Arthur Gelb, Barbara A. Gilchrest, John M. Hennessy,
Mark E. Lundstrom, Hajime Mitarai, Antonia D. Schuman, and R. Gary Schweikhardt.

Elected to term membership effective December 2, 1994 - June 30, 1998

Ronald A. Kurtz

Elected Life Member effective July 1, 1995

Samuel W. Bodman and James A. Levitan.

Ex officio member for one-year term effective July 1, 1995

Karen W. Arenson, 1995-96 President of the MIT Association of Alumni and Alumnae.

Transferred to Life Member Emeritus

Mitchell W. Spellman (December 1994); David S. Saxon and D. Reid Weedon, Jr. (March 1995); and Colby H. Chandler and Carl M. Mueller (June 1995).


Jerome B. Wiesner, October 21, 1994

Joseph J. Snyder, February 28, 1995

Thomas D. Cabot, June 8, 1995


Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility

D. Reid Weedon, Jr., continued as Chair, with Vice President and Treasurer Glenn P. Strehle serving as an ex officio member. The committee membership included Senior Vice President William R. Dickson as well as faculty and students. Elizabeth T. Harding provided staff support.

The committee met once on April 24, 1995, and conducted one telephone poll on April 14, 1995. Members voted on 34 resolutions submitted to 19 companies whose stocks are held by MIT in its general investments. Issues included smoking and tobacco, the environment, equal opportunity, and human rights in the United States and abroad. Com-pared to 1994, the number of resolutions decreased by one, and the number of companies involved decreased by four.

Auditing Committee

Meetings were held on October 6, 1994, and March 2, 1995. Attendees at each meeting included Auditing Committee members; MIT's independent public accountants, Coopers & Lybrand; and invited members of the MIT administration.

Financial statements for fiscal year 1994 and a report on recent audit developments were discussed at the fall meeting. At the spring meeting, there was a review by the MIT Audit Division of its current plans and prior year accomplishments; Coopers & Lybrand presented its audit plan for fiscal year 1995; and the committee reviewed draft financial statements to comply with two major new accounting standards, FAS 116 and FAS 117 (relating to accounting for contributions and financial statement presentation respectively).

Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs (CJAC)

During the academic year 1994-95, CJAC held four meetings. The committee issued a report in March that summarized a series of focus group meetings it had convened in 1993-94 with African-American students and faculty. The report contained a number of findings and recommendations, and it included detailed appendices summarizing the discussions with each focus group. The report was distributed to the Corporation, to the students and faculty who participated in the group discussions, and to appropriate administrators and offices at MIT. The report's primary conclusion was that the quality of mentoring and counseling programs - which greatly influence the recruitment and retention of minority students and faculty - should be improved.

Development Committee

This committee is covered in the annual report of the Vice President and Treasurer.

Executive Committee

During the past year the Executive Committee held ten meetings. Its agenda covered all of the Institute's important decisions and deliberations. Notable topics included changes in the senior level administration; relations with the federal government and industry regarding support for MIT and for research universities in general; and the Institute's planning, budget, and reengineering activities.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee held three regularly scheduled meetings during fiscal year 1995. The Wellington Management Company of Boston remained the primary investment manager and advisor for publicly traded securities, both domestic and international. The Institute continued the program (managed by three other investment management firms) of equity investments in smaller capitalization companies. In addition, the program for domestic and international alternative investments to publicly traded securities was continued. These alternative investments - including venture capital, private capital, and real estate - are typically managed by several investment managers through pooled investment funds.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee held three meetings during the academic year to discuss substantive membership matters.

Screening Committee

The Corporation Screening Committee for Nomination of Recent Graduates held an open meeting for students on October 6, 1994. Two teleconferences and two committee meetings were held in January and February. The committee chose a ballot of ten nominees from a group of 65 candidates (42 of whom returned a second, more detailed nomination form requested by the committee). Mark E. Lundstrom `91 won the nomination and was elected to serve a five-year term on the Corporation.

Visiting Committees

During the academic year 1994-95, thirteen visiting committees convened: Aeronautics and Astronautics; Biology; Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Economics; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Humanities; Libraries; Music and Theater Arts; Ocean Engineering; Political Science; and Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs.

This year marked the first meeting of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Visiting Committee since the department's move administratively from Whitaker College to the School of Science.

In 1994-95 the Institute's 26 visiting committees were comprised of 390 persons and 462 membership positions: 61 Corporation members filled 129 slots; 176 presidential nominees filled 180 slots; 153 alumni nominees filled 153 slots. (One person filled both a presidential nominee slot and an alumni nominee slot.) The membership included 18 percent women and 11 percent minorities; 59 percent of the members were affiliated with corporations, 33 percent with academia, 5 percent with government, and 3 percent with foundations.


Following a maternity leave, Lois A. Graham, Associate Secretary, reduced her hours to part-time, effective November 1994. Katharine H. Brickle became a part-time Administrative Assistant to the Chairman, effective June 1995.

Kathryn A. Willmore

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95