MIT Reports to the President 1995-96


CBE takes as its mission to coordinate and enhance MIT research and education at the interface of Engineering with Molecular & Cell Biology applied to innovations in health care technology.



The Interdepartmental Undergraduate Minor in Bioengineering was instituted, with 18 students enrolled from 6 different Departments (Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering). A new undergraduate/graduate course in Tissue Engineering was developed and offered for the first time by Professor Linda Griffith-Cima (Chemical Engineering). A Cell & Tissue Engineering Laboratory Module was developed by Professor Elazer Edelman (Health Sciences & Technology) and included in a sophomore-level core course in Materials Science & Engineering taught by Professor Anne Mayes.

A week-long Short Course in Molecular & Cell Biology for Engineering Faculty was organized, with financial support from the School of Engineering, and taught by Department of Biology Faculty (led by Professors Harvey Lodish and Richard Young) to 26 School of Engineering faculty in June 1996.


Six Engineering/Biology Catalytic Research Seed Grants are being supported by CBE discretionary funds:

A CBE/ILP Workshop on MIT/Industry Interactions in Biomedical Engineering was held in May 1996. Thirty-two companies from the health care industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, attended.


Professor Roger Kamm (Mechanical Engineering) is Associate Director for Programs, Professor Alan Grodzinsky (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) is Associate Director for Facilities, and Professor Douglas Lauffenburger (Chemical Engineering) is Director. Other members of the Steering Committee include Professors Paul Matsudaira (Biology), Robert Langer (Chemical Engineering), Ian Hunter (Mechanical Engineering), Elazer Edelman (Health Sciences & Technology), Martha Gray (Health Sciences & Technology), Linda Griffith-Cima (Chemical Engineering), Robert Rubin (Health Sciences & Technology), and Fred Schoen (Brigham & Women's Hospital).


In the coming year CBE aims to update and expand the Undergraduate Minor and develop substantial research funding support for multi-disciplinary team projects from health care industry sources.

Douglas Lauffenburger

MIT Reports to the President 1995-96