MIT Reports to the President 1995-96


This report is the second report for the offices reporting to the Vice President for Administration following the reorganization of Institute support services in the summer of 1994. The offices include the office of the Vice President, Admissions, the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, the Bursar's Office, Career Services and Preprofessional Advising, the MIT Medical Department, the Registrar's Office, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and the Student Financial Aid Office. During this past year, Student Information Services was officially recognized as a department separate from the Registrar's Office. Additionally, the Vice President for Administration has Institute responsibility for coordination of MIT's legal affairs.

Our mission is to mange effectively these offices in a time of Institute financial constraint and to develop a management team that is fully aware of the goals and objectives of Institute leadership, is positioned to provide input on how to achieve these goals, and is cooperatively involved with others in the area to communicate these goals effectively to our own community members and to our customers. Units in this division continue to perform effectively the specific jobs required of each department. In addition, certain units in the area have been extensively involved in a major reengineering of student services, in coordination with other Institute reengineering efforts.

The reports of each department that follow this section highlight the major activity that occurred during the year. While they describe many of the activities, they cannot adequately express the amount of care and effort of staff to ensure that each area is effectively managed or to indicate the additional activities which department heads undertook during the illness of the vice president. Illustrative of the richness of the reports are the following examples of activities undertaken in 1995/1996:

Major priorities for the Vice President for Administration area developed by staff for implementation in 1996/1997 are listed below:

Julie T. Norris

MIT Reports to the President 1995-96