MIT Reports to the President 1996-97


The Technology and Policy Program is a graduate educational program in the School of Engineering. It educates men and women for leadership on the important technological issues confronting society. It prepares its graduates to excel in their technical fields, and to develop and implement effective strategies for dealing with the risks and opportunities associated with these technologies.

The Technology and Policy Program aims to be the educational leader in the field. With about 150 students on campus and about 600 graduates, it is now the largest of its kind in the world. With its extensive international connections with other universities, it is building a network of relationships to define the field.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS The Technology and Policy Program sponsors both a Master of Science and an Interdepartmental Doctoral Program.

This year's class for the Master of Science in Technology and Policy included 60 students, the largest ever. The winners of the Award for Best Thesis in Technology and Policy were Joseph Bambenek and Douglas Melcher. The winner of the Alumni Award for Leadership and Excellence in Technology Policy was Lynn Yang, for her development and delivery of environmental subjects in local high schools.

This interdepartmental effort, the Doctorate in Technology, Management and Policy, enrolls about 25 students in their 2nd to 5th year of graduate school. The first 4 participants received their doctorates this year, and proceeded to faculty positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Management, Policy and International Affairs; the London School of Economics and Politics; and the University of Chile.

The Technology and Policy Program now runs an internship program as an integral part of its curriculum. This first year of activity placed over 30 interns in major policy centers in the United States and abroad. One of the Rhodes Scholars in the Technology and Policy Program served as an intern for MIT President Vest.

The internship program is funded by major corporations and by individuals who generously support public service internships, for example with the US Congress, the Massachusetts legislature and non-profit organizations. Noteworthy endowments aprovided the following awards:

The Technology and Policy Program actively maintains relations with many universities and educational agencies, particularly in France, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Two new associations were initiated this year with:

Particularly noteworthy this year is Ms. Elizabeth Stock:

More information about this Program can be found on the World Wide Web at the following URL:

Richard de Neufville

MIT Reports to the President 1996-97