ANS Seminar Series

ANS Seminars are usually held on Monday afternoons, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Light snacks and drinks are provided starting at 3:15. These seminars are open to the public; anyone who is interested is invited to attend.

Seminar speakers are invited by the MIT ANS Co-presidents. If you are interested in speaking, or have a speaker suggestion, please email the MIT ANS officers.

New Graduate Student Orientation

MIT ANS organizes social and informational activities for incoming graduate students. For new graduates students in the Fall of 2010 there will be a variety of helpful events. A brief schedule is shown below. The complete schedule will be posted once it becomes finalized.

Important information about the NSE department's orientation activities can be found in the MIT ANS new student's information packet.

New Graduate Student Orientation Information Packet

Community Service

High School Speakers Program

Organized by MIT ANS, volunteers donate their time to travel and speak in High Schools on a number of different issues, such as health physics, medical applications of radiation, nuclear waste management, fission power and other energy sources, and fusion. In particular, speakers strive to impart a basic understanding of radiation, how it interacts with matter, background dose from natural and man-made sources, and why radiation can be harmful.

Emergency Rescue Shelter

MIT ANS members gather food and cook a dinner for the homeless at the CASPAR (Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation) Emergency Rescue Shelter in Cambridge. The activity is bi-monthly. Contact Jacob Dobisesky [] with any questions, comments, and donations/volunteer info.

MIT Facility Tours

MIT ANS members arrange and conduct tours of the MIT campus, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, and Plasma Science and Fusion Center for high school teachers and students and incoming graduate students during orientation.

Department Activities

Monday Afternoon Seminar Series

The MIT ANS student chapter organizes and hosts this departmental seminar series which features speakers from a variety of fields in nuclear technology.

NST / Fission / Fusion Seminars

Doctoral candidates in all three of the department's concentrations are nice enough to give presentations on the research that they are doing, every Wednesday afternoon during the semesters.

Open House

The MIT ANS takes an active role in the DNSE Open House. Open House is the event at which the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering presents information to the freshmen, many of whom will declare their majors soon after.

Course Evaluations

The MIT ANS chapter develops and compiles end-of-term course evaluations for each course offered. Alpha Nu Sigma compiles mid-term evaluations. The former are used in choosing the DNSE Outstanding Teaching Award.

Student Offices

MIT ANS assigns and manages all student offices in the Nuclear Engineering Department and the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory.

Registration Day Events

Free coffee, doughnuts and advice are provided by the MIT ANS student section. Also important academic and ANS information are given in registration packets.

New Graduate Student Orientation

The MIT ANS coordinates the department orientation which includes current student presentations on their research, financial aid information, registration information, computing around MIT information, etc.

Qualifying Exam Hospitality

Alpha Nu Sigma provides doughnuts and coffee for students taking the doctoral qualifying exams.

Outstanding Teaching Award

The outstanding professor this 2009-2010 school year was Prof. Paola Cappellaro. Several professors were nominated via their high scores on course evaluations. The winner's name is engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Nuclear Engineering Headquarters.

Academic Expo

The MIT ANS presents a display of demonstrations, models and informational packets for incoming freshmen at the MIT Academic Expo.

Faculty Meetings

The MIT ANS Co-Presidents are invited to the DNSE Faculty Meetings as student representatives.

Library of Former Qualifying Exams

The MIT ANS maintains a library of past qualifying exams which are available for students to borrow.

Social Events

Student/Faculty Mixers

One or two of these are held each semester for students to meet socially with NSED faculty and each other. Pizza and assorted beverages are the usual fare.

NSED Social Hours

Sponsored by the NSED and run by the MIT ANS, these informal mixers for NSED students and faculty are held about once per month.

Post Quals Party

Hosted by MIT Alpha Nu Sigma in celebration of those who endure the doctoral qualifying exam.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The MIT ANS holds a turkey and potluck dinner on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This a very popular gathering.

International Dinner

This potluck banquet is held each Spring and features homemade dishes from all over the world. New ANS officers are elected and student and faculty awards are presented. This is also a very popular and delicious event.

Summer Picnic

Held at Edgerton House courtyard. Mmmm, hamburgers...

IM Athletic Teams

Typically ANS fields intramural teams for ice hockey, badminton, and water polo.

Other Activities and Information

MIT ANS General Meetings

These meetings are held at the beginning of each term to plan activities, present awards and sign up seminar speaker hosts from the entire membership.

Commercial Plant Tours


Electronic Mail Network

E-mail is a primary means of ANS publicity and communication. The president maintains five lists:

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The MIT ANS usually nominates two officers as representatives on the GSC. They act as liaisons between the Council and the MIT ANS. Through the GSC we have successfully solicited funds and participated in several institute-wide events.

ANS National Members

The MIT ANS student branch has about 80 ANS national members. Each year about one third of the entering graduate students become national ANS members.

ANS Annual Meetings

Many students enjoy attending the Summer and Winter ANS Annual Meetings.

Local Section Meetings

The MIT ANS President is a non-voting member of the Northeast Section Executive Committee. The MIT ANS subsidizes students wishing to attend the meetings.


Want a T-shirt? Come to the ANS meetings and events!

ANS Fundraising

Most of the MIT ANS budget is supported by NSED and the ANS Northeast Local Section, with some help from GSC.