Executive Committee

Co-Presidents :: Jacob DeWitte [] and Bryan Herman []

The Co-Presidents of the section are responsible for organizing and promoting the seminar series, assigning student offices, and acting as student representatives to the DNSE and GSC.

Treasurer :: Brittany Guyer []

The Treasurer keeps track of the section finances and produces the budget for the section each semester.

Public Information Officer :: Nathan Gibson []

The PIO is responsible for keeping records of all ANS activities and keeping the student body informed.

Social Co-Chairs :: Jacob Dobisesky [] Bob Mumgaard []

The Social Co-Chairs plan all of the fun stuff.

Athletics Chair :: Joseph Yurko []

The Athletics Chair organizes the ANS intramural sports teams.

International Chair :: Stefano Passerini []

The International Chair helps ANS to meet the special needs and concerns of International Students.

Graduate-Undergraduate Liaison :: Mark Reed []

The Undergraduate Liaison acts as a liaison between the Executive Committee, graduate and the undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Chair :: Ekaterina Paramonova []

The Undergraduate Chair organizes undergraduate events to bolster participation in ANS activities.

Alpha Nu Sigma President :: Geoff Olynyk [

The President of the Alpha Nu Sigma honors society is also a member of the ANS Executive Committee. The Alpha Nu Sigma President is predominantly responsible for organizing the community service activities of the section and organizing special lectures.

Webmaster :: Bryan Herman []

Board of Governors

The following members are also on the Board of Governors of the Section but not members of the Executive Committee.

Social Representative ::

The Social Representative assists the Social Chair.

Undergraduate Representative ::

The Undergraduate Representative assists the Undergraduate Chair.

International Student Coordinator ::

The ISC helps ANS to meet the special needs and concerns of International Students.

Faculty Advisor :: Benoit Forget []

The Faculty Advisor acts as a liaison between the section and the faculty and the national society.