Sexual and Marital Ethics

The Anscombe Society, its officers, and its members do not necessarily endorse any of the views expressed in these articles. We do, however, think they are good places to start in our considerations of these issues. We have not shied away from religious based arguments - or arguments advanced by religious leaders - as we are open to a good pluralism in which arguments from all vantage points that buttress familial and sexual life and ethics are welcomed.

"What Sex Can Be: Self-Alienation, Illusion, or One-Flesh Union" by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George

"The Good of Marriage and the Morality of Sexual Relations: Some Philosophical and Historical Observations" by John Finnis

"Law, Morality, and 'Sexual Orientation'" by John Finnis

"Not Out of Lust But in Accordance With Truth: Theological and Philosophical Reflections on Sexuality and Reality" by Alexander Pruss

"Christian Sexual Ethics and Teleological Organicity" by Alexander Pruss

"Designed for Sex" by J. Budziszewski

"Shameless and Loveless" by Roger Scruton

"Bodies of Evidence" by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Contraception and Chastity by Elizabeth Anscombe

Dare We Get Real About Sex? by Carson Holloway

"What Sex Is--And Is For" by Gilbert Meilaender

"Sex, Naturally" by Joseph B. Stanford

"The Facts of Life and Marriage - Social Science and the Vindication of Christian Moral Teaching" by W. Bradford Wilcox

"A Theological Reflection on the Human Body" by Archbishop John Joseph Meyers

On Human Life - a pastoral letter to the people of God of northern Colorado on the truth and meaning of married love by Archbishop Charles Chaput

"Marriage and the Complementarity of Male and Female" by William May

"The Communion of Persons in Marriage and the Conjugal Act" by William May

"On the Impossibility of Same-Sex Marriage" by William May

"Marriage: a Person-Affirming, Love-Enabling, Life-Giving, and Sanctifying Reality" by William May

"Marriage: a Common Endeavor" by William May

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