The Anscombe Society, its officers, and its members do not necessarily endorse any of the views expressed in these articles. We do, however, think they are good places to start in our considerations of these issues. We have not shied away from religious based arguments - or arguments advanced by religious leaders - as we are open to a good pluralism in which arguments from all vantage points that buttress familial and sexual life and ethics are welcomed.

"Why We Need a Marriage Amendment" by Robert P. George and David Tubbs

"The Future of Marriage" by Robert P. George and David Tubbs

"One Man, One Woman" by Robert P. George

"The Good of Marriage and the Morality of Sexual Relations: Some Philosophical and Historical Observations" by John Finnis

"(How) Will Gay Marriage Weaken Marriage as a Social Institution: A Reply to Andrew Koppelman" by Maggie Gallagher

"Do Mothers and Fathers Matter?: The Social Science Evidence on Marriage and Child Well-Being" by Maggie Gallagher and Joshua Baker

"Same-Sex Marriage: Recent Trends in Public Opinion" by Joshua Baker

"Same-Sex Marriage and the Laws" (audio recording) by Maggie Gallagher

"What is Marriage For?: The Public Purposes of Marriage Law" by Maggie Gallagher

"Rites, Rights, and Social Institutions: Why and How Should the Law Support Marriage?" by Maggie Gallagher

"Do Moms and Dads Matter?: Evidence from the Social Sciences on Family Structure and the Best Interests of the Child" by Maggie Gallagher and Joshua Baker

"The Case for a Marriage Amendment" by Maggie Gallagher

"Why Marriage Matters: The Case for National Marrage" by Maggie Gallagher

"Who's Your Daddy? There's more to fatherhood than donating DNA" by W. Bradford Wilcox

"Reconcilable Differences" by W. Bradford Wilcox

"Children at Risk" by W. Bradford Wilcox

"The Facts of Life and Marriage - Social Science and the Vindication of Christian Moral Teaching" by W. Bradford Wilcox

"Marriage and Caste: America's chief source of inequality? The Marriage Gap" by Kay S. Hymowitz

"Bans of Matrimony" by Gerard V. Bradley and William L. Saunders

"First Comes Marriage" by Jennifer Roback Morse

"Saving Our Children from the Experimental Family" by Jennifer Roback Morse

"Marriage and the Limits of Contract" by Jennifer Roback Morse

"The Ties That Do Not Bind: The Decline of Marriage and Loyalty" by James Q. Wilson

"Review of Research on Homosexual Parenting, Adoption, and Foster Parenting" by George Rekers

"The Marriage Debate Goes Multicultural" by Peter Wood

"A Defining Moment: Marriage, the Courts, and the Constitution" by Matthew Spalding

"The Necessary Amendment" by Robert H. Bork

"The Marriage Amendment" First Things

"Here Come the Brides: Plural marriage is waiting in the wings." by Stanley Kurtz

"Beyond Gay Marriage" [HTML] [PDF] by Stanley Kurtz

"The Libertarian Question" by Stanley Kurtz

"Rick Santorum Was Right" by Stanley Kurtz

Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Why We Support the Administration's Healthy Marriage Initiative Joint Public Statement

"Top 10 Social Scientific Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage (SSM)"

"The Bad Divorce" by Elizabeth Marquardt

"The Family: Discovering the Obvious" by Mary Eberstadt

"The Meanings of Marriage" by John Witte, Jr.

"The Reappearing Nuclear Family" by David Blankenhorn

Letter to Families by Pope John Paul II

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