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With the History and Science, Technology and Society faculties, MIT Anthropology offers a Ph.D. in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology and Society (HASTS). Our faculty serve as course instructors, advisors, and mentors for graduate students in the HASTS program. Please visit the HASTS website for further details, subject listings, and schedules.

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21A.819J Qualitative Research Methods

This course features training in the design and practice of qualitative research, organized around illustrative texts, class exercises, and student projects. Topics include the process of gaining access to and participating in the social worlds of others; techniques of observation, fieldnote-taking, researcher self-monitoring and reflection; methods of inductive analysis of qualitative data including conceptual coding, grounded theory, and narrative analysis. Discussion includes research ethics, the politics of fieldwork, modes of validating researcher accounts, and styles of writing up qualitative field research.

Instructor: S. Silbey, G. Jones

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