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Erica James

Erica James is a medical and psychiatric anthropologist who joined MIT Anthropology in 2004. She is also the Director of the MIT Global Health and Medical Humanities Initiative (GHMHI), a new venture launched in 2014. At its core is the understanding that the promotion of "health", whether local or global, requires interdisciplinary analysis of its complex determinants. GHMHI combines best practices in global health and the medical humanities to add a distinctive analytical approach to the field of medical education through exisiting and new courses, extracurricular events, experimental research collaborations, and interdisciplinary teaching opportunities. GHMHI is developing a mixed-methods training program that teaches participants best practices in global health, medical humanities, bioethics, and health technology assessment using a combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches.More

Manduhai Buyandelger


Class of 1956 Career Development Associate Professor of Anthropology
Room E53-335S · 617-324-5510

Ian Condry


Professor of Japanese Cultural Studies
Room 14N-303 ·617-452-2709

Michael M.J. Fischer

Michael M.J. FISCHER

Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Humanities
Professor of Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies

Room E51-296B · 617-253-2564

Stefan Helmreich


Elting E. Morison Professor of Anthropology
Program Head

Room E53-335Q · 617-253-9343

James Howe

James HOWE

Professor of Anthropology - Emeritus
Room E53-335C · 617-253-6954

Jean Jackson


Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Professor of Anthropology - Emeritus

Room E53-335F · 617-253-6953

Erica James


Associate Professor of Anthropology
Room E53-335G · 617-253-7321

Graham Jones

Graham JONES

Lister Brothers Career Development Professor
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Room E53-335P · 617-715-4969

Graham Jones


Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Room E53-335B · 617-324-7439

Heather Paxson

Heather PAXSON

Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Anthropology
Director of Graduate Studies, HASTS

Room E53-335R · 617-253-7859

Susan Silbey


Leon and Anne Goldberg Professor of Humanities
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Room E53-335D · 617-253-6952

Arthur Steinberg


Professor of Anthropology - Emeritus

Christine Walley

Christine WALLEY

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Room E53-335U · 617-258-7908

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