The Foam Party

Concept-testing for the spectacular ZBT foam party...

The Origin of the foam party idea remains shrouded in viscous mystery.
Two bold heroes served to actualize foaminess...Our social chairs Ara and Ben.

Initial tests were promising and the project moved to phase two.

One problem included large amounts of water sprayed from the foam production receptacle.
Ideas were tossed about...
A suggestion by one Chris Snow was eventually adopted to control the leakage factor.

The day of the party, tension was rampant and foam was plentiful.
Dedicated foam crews prepared the goods for action.

At its height, the foam of '97 reached a good three feet.

Work and preparation pay off as the foam party gets underway...

In all, the day of foam was a day of Joy all did exclaim....

I lifted this from Chris Snow's web page.
Ara Knaian <>