PHIL 285 - Special Topics: A

PHIL 285 - Special Topics: A Vagueness Primer

Spring 2005
Agustín Rayo


Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:50 in the seminar room. (Officially, office hours are by appointment, but please feel free to show up in my office any time!)

The plan:

The seminar is intended as an introduction to vagueness. We'll survey some prominent accounts of vagueness, so that people get a sense of what `accounting for vagueness' is all about, and why it's hard.


The course will be based on the following two books:

Both of them are superb - you won't regret buying them. But I'll make copies available in the library for people who don't.

Tentative Schedule

Starred texts are especially encouraged.

There is an enormous literature on vagueness. Come see me if you'd like to know about further readings -- or check out the following website:

Course Requirements:

If you're taking the course for credit, I'll ask you to turn in a paper by the end of the term. Please don't hesitate to come see me if you'd like to think about your paper out loud, or if you'd like to run an argument by me. I'd also be happy to look at early drafts of your papers.