Frequently Asked Questions about the MIT Archery Club

Do I need to have any prior archery experience to come to a practice?

No prior archery experience is necessary to attend one of our "walk-ins welcome" days (the first Thursday practice of every month). However, to attend any other practice, one must have shot with us before and signed up to be a member of the club.

Do I need any equipment?

No. The club will provide all equipment necessary.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes except for baggy long sleeve shirts since they can get caught by the string as you shoot. Please note that the gym can be cold in the wintertime and hot in the summer time therefore we recommend that you dress accordingly to stay comfortable.

Has anyone ever been injured during an MIT archery club practice?

No. 100% injury free since its beginning a long long time ago in a...

How strong do I need to be to do archery?

There is no strength requirement to do archery. Bows come in different draw weights (the equivalent weight that you would need to lift from the ground) so you can just use a lighter bow. Once you familiarize yourself with the sport, you can move to a bow with a "heavier" draw weight.

What kind of time commitment do I need to make to the sport in order to improve?

Archery is a precision sport and you will benefit from any and all practice time. In order to improve, an archer should practice at least twice a week for about an hour. This should be increased to 4 or 5 times a week if the archer wishes to compete seriously.

I'd like to purchase my own bow. What kind should I get and how much should I spend?

A wide variety of bows and accessories are available. You should purchase a bow and accessories according to your desired level of competitiveness and/or what is an acceptable financial investment for you. It is important to keep in mind that accessories for a bow can often cost just as much as the bow itself. Our best recommendation is to visit a pro shop such as ArcheryUSA in Dedham and try out a few different bows. They can also help you pick out a bow that is suited to your physique and style.