Rules of the MIT Archery Club

Here is a brief list of range rules that are enforced during practices.

1. Range Officer: Each practice will have a designated range officer that will call out the various range commands.

2. Range Commands: The following four commands are used on the range:

1) ON LINE: This signals that archers can now approach the shooting line and take up shooting positions. No arrows are to be taken out of their quivers at this point. This gives everyone a chance to settle into their shooting stance and gives the range officer a last chance to verify that the range is in fact clear (hence the no arrows out of their quivers rule).

2) BEGIN: Archers may commence shooting.

3) CLEAR TO RETRIEVE: This is the all-clear signal. Archers may now travel down-range to their targets to retrieve their arrows. This is only called once everyone has finished shooting their arrows, stepped back from the line and put down their bows. No one is ever allowed to cross the shooting line before this command is given.

4) CEASE FIRE: This is an emergency command to stop. Everyone is required to cease shooting immediately (even if fully drawn and just about to shoot) and place their arrows in their quiver until an all-clear is given.

3. Dry-firing: To dry-fire a bow is to draw and release the string without an arrow. This should NEVER be done. A drawn bow contains a considerable amount of energy that is normally released into the arrow. If a bow is released without an arrow then all that energy is violenty dumped back into the bow's limbs. This can be quite dangerous since all that energy can literally shatter the limbs to pieces.

4. No Horse-Play: This should be self explanatory. A bow is a deadly weapon and should be treated with the appropriate respect. A bow drawn with or without an arrow should only be pointed down-range (towards your target). No one is ever allowed to step in front of the shooting line for ANY reason until the CLEAR TO RETRIEVE command is given.