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Cambridge, MA. 02142
Tel: 607-229-2273


  • MS/PhD, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (expected)
    Institute for Work and Employment Research and Economic Sociology (GPA 4.9/5.0)

  • MS, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University (2008)
    Collective Bargaining (GPA 3.98/4.0)

  • B.Com (Hons), University of British Columbia (2006)
    Human Resources and Labor Relations (Rank 1 with 86.2%)

  • IB Diploma, United World College of South East Asia, Singapore (2002)

Job Market Paper


In Progress
  • What Managers Talk about When They Talk about Merit: A Semiotics Approach to Understanding Variations in the Meaning of Merit in Corporate America (with Emilio Castilla)

  • Mechanization in a Craft Setting : Evidence from India

Invited Submissions

Book Chapter:

Book Reviews:


  • 15.301 Managerial Psychology (MIT)
    with Diana Dialdin (Fall 2012) and Paul Osterman (Spring 2013)
  • COMM 490B Corporate Social Responsbility (Univ. of British Columbia) (Spring 2006)
Teaching Assistant
  • 15.311 Organizational Processes (MIT)
    with Ray Reagans (Fall 2010)
  • IC235 Work, Labor & Capital in Globalization (Cornell)
    with Rose Batt, George Boyer, Rebecca Givan and Sarosh Kuruvilla (Fall 2007 and Spring 2008)
  • CB205 Introduction to Collective Bargaining (Cornell)
    with Rebecca Givan(Fall 2006) and Richard Hurd (Spring 2007)


  • The Price is Right? Product Attachment and Price-Setting in the Sale of Handicraft Products in Southern India

    • American Sociological Association Meetings, August 2013
    • MIT Economic Sociology Working Group, November 2012.
  • Resistance to the Professionalization of Plumbing in India

    • The Quality of Jobs Conference, Cornell ILR School, November 2011
    • American Sociological Association Meetings, August 2011
    • "Labor in the Global South: A Call for Solutions" Conference, UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, May 2011
    • MIT Interdisciplinary Workshop on Institutions and Development (IWID), MIT Center for International Studies, March 2011
    • MIT IWER seminar, May 2010
    • Eastern Sociological Society Meetings, March 2010
    • MIT Economic Sociology Working Group, March 2010

Grants and Awards

  • Honorable mention for the Ron Burt award for outstanding student paper by Economic Sociology group, ASA 2013
  • Martin Fellowship, 2013-2014
  • CIS Summer Grant, 2013
  • India Innovation Seed Fund, MISTI, 2011
  • Sarofim Fellowship, MIT Sloan School of Management, 2011-2012
  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow all-inclusive Scholarship, 2002-2006

Professional Service

  • Reviewer for British Journal of Industrial Relations (BJIR)
  • Contributor to Employment Policy Research Network and Perspectives on Work
  • Member of American Sociological Association (ASA), Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) and Academy of Management (AOM)

Other Research Experience

  • How do complex organizations manage themselves? A study of environmental, health and safety systems in the laboratory context.
    Research Assistant for Prof. Susan Silbey, MIT, 2012-2013
  • Movers, but not shakers: The (surprisingly) modest local spillovers from superstar academics.
    Research Assistant for Prof. Pierre Azoulay, MIT, 2009
  • Use of strikebreakers by companies under provincial jurisdiction in British Columbia.
    Research Assistant for the Business Council of British Columbia, 2005-2006
  • Managing the headquarter-subsidiary relationship and succession planning among family-owned Asian businesses.
    Research Assistant for The Economist Group, Singapore, 2004
  • Scope of banks' investments in private equity and venture capital, and the appropriate capital charges for these investments.
    Research Assistant for the Monetary Authority of Singapore, 2003

Other Activities

Volunteer Work
  • Job Training program, Asian-American Civil Association, 2010-2011
  • Activities Coordinator, MIT India Reading Group, 2009-2011
  • Vice-President, Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music, Cornell Chapter, 2007-2008
  • Leader in Learning (Library Resources and Database Facilitator), UBC 2003-2005
  • Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN), Kathmandu, 2000-2002
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish (Beginner), Arabic (Beginner), French (Beginner)
  • Software: ATLAS.ti, STATA, LATEX


Paul Osterman,
NTU Professor of HRM,
Institute for Work and Employment Research, MIT Sloan
617-253-2667, osterman@mit.edu

Susan Silbey,
Lee and Ann Goldberg Professor of Humanities, Sociology and Anthropology, MIT.
617-253-6952, ssilbey@mit.edu

Tavneet Suri,
Maurice F Strong Associate Professor,
Applied Economics Group,
Sloan School of Management.
617-253-7159, tavneet@mit.edu

Ezra Zuckerman,
Professor of Strategic Management,
Economic Sociology Group,
Sloan School of Management.
617-253-1918, ewzucker@mit.edu