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Regular elections occur at the spring ASA General Body Meeting. According to the Operating Guidelines, this meeting will occur by April 15 and be announced at least two weeks in advance.

The main topic for the spring General Body Meeting is election of the next year's ASA Executive Board. Please consider running for election. In order to effectively govern and advocate for student groups, the ASA's executive board is comprised of past or current student group officers who consequently understand the needs and challenges of running a student organization.

Positions elected

The following positions will be elected in this order:

Election Process

The Board is elected by the General Body, with each group eligible for one vote (though a single person only receives one vote even if they are representing multiple groups).

Candidates may submit their names or nominations may be made by email to before the General Body Meeting. Additionally, candidates may announce their candidacy at the meeting or may be nominated at that time. At the meeting, candidates will have two minutes to speak and there will be a brief question and answer period.

Questions, Office Hours

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or, or come talk to current Board members during office hours.

ASA Executive Board responsibilities

All ASA Executive Board members have shared responsibilities to carry out the ASA's traditional activities, which involve organizing collective resources for student groups, such as activities midways, the first-year summer mailing, bulletin board space, and office space; processing new group applications; voting on policy and rule enforcement; and representing MIT student activities in meetings with administrators and other governments. According to their interests and as time allows, Board members also pursue other projects to improve student groups at MIT.

Additionally, the ASA President, Treasurer, and Secretary have special responsibilities:

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