ASA - Association of Student Activities

About ASA


The ASA is responsible for arbitrating among student groups and offering support for student groups issues. In the event of a conflict, dispute, or disagreement between student groups, the ASA can be approached as a source of mediation and assistance in communication. Similarly, if a group feels strongly about any given issue, whether it be one involving other groups, other offices/departments at MIT, or other colleges/universities, such a group is perfectly justified in seeking support from the ASA. Depending on the nature of the issue at hand, the ASA may or may not work with Student Life Programs to develop a solution. While the students who serve on the ASA may consult with and be advised by the Student Life Programs Office, decisions affecting student groups at MIT are made by the ASA. If student groups are unsatisfied with the ASA’s decision or opinion, they may appeal to the ASA to reconsider the situation. If this is still unsatisfactory, they may bring the matter to the UA or GSC.

Groups should feel free to contact the ASA Executive Board if they are looking for support and/or arbitration on an issue. An appeal to the ASA consists of an email from a leader of a student group explaining in detail the reason for the appeal and the justification for reconsideration by the ASA.