ASA - Association of Student Activities

ASA Database

ASA Database

The ASA Database stores information about ASA recognized student groups, including:

The ASA Database routinely used by MIT administrative offices and the ASA Executive Board. It is imperative that you keep your group’s information updated.

Accessing the Database

You can access your group's page from the homepage of the Database. You can also access other features such as searching and group listing.

Database Transition

The ASA is transitioning to a new Database. As part of this transition, groups are responsible for inputting most of their group's information to ensure that it is up-to-date. We have decided to have groups do this by hand so that they check that all the information is accurate. Groups have the next two weeks (until Sunday 2/5) to ensure that their information is current and complete. In particular, it is critical to your group's ability to continue making financial transactions and reserving space that you list your signatories before MIT offices starting using the new Database.

As of now, only the person listed as president in the outgoing Database has the ability to update information in the new Database for a group (since they're the only person listed). If for some reason this means you cannot promptly input your group's information, then please email and cc your group's officer list briefly explaining the situation.

During the transition, the old Database is still available during the transition for reference.

Status of Fields

Note: if you don't have a current constitution URL, please list and update it as soon as possible.


This system is new, so please bear with us while we work things out. That said, we now have much more flexibility to change things about this database, so any feedback you have would be great. You can email any comments, concerns, or questions to

Getting Help

Please see our FAQ page before requesting help on using the database.

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