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Recognition Privileges Based on Student Group Type

  MIT-Funded Sponsor-Funded MIT Student Group Club Sport Non-Res FSILG Res FSILG Dorm
Official use of the MIT name X X X X X X X
Activities Database X X X X X X X
Activities Midway X X X X (1) . . .
Student Activities Directory X X X X . . .
First Year Summer Mailing X X X X . . .
Bulletin Board X . . X (2) . . .
Office Space X . . . . . .
Locker Space X . . . . . .
Vote in GBM X X X X X X X
Funding Boards
UA Finboard or GSC Funding Board X . . . . . (5)
Athletics Dept . . . X . . .
Student Activities Office (in SLP)
Event Registration X X X X X X X
Event Planning and Support Help X X X X X X X
Officer Training - General Officers and Treasurers X X X X . . X
Direct link with other administration offices X X X . . . .
Student Activities Finances Office (in SLP)
MIT Internal Accounts X X X X (3) (3) X
Reimbursements X X X X (3) (3) X
FSILG Office (in SLP)
Officer Training . . . . X X .
Advising and general support . . . . X X .
Campus Activities Complex
Reservations of CAC Space X X (4) . X . .
Event Operational Support X X (4) . X . .
Direct link with MIT Facilities X X (4) . X . .
Registrar's Office
Ability to reserve rooms in the Main Campus X X X X X X X
Atheltics Department
Space Reservations Priority . . . X . . .
Athletics Gateway . . . X (1) . . .
Athena Accounts
Athena Locker Accounts X X X X X X X
Student Activities List Maintenance X X X X X X X

None of these resources are trivial or in abundance. Actually, all of these resources are limited, and it is the responsibility of the ASA Executive Board to ensure that they are assigned responsibly to both existing and new groups. The ASA must take this job very seriously and must balance the number of groups with respect to these resources so that old groups can continue to exist and new groups can thrive.


Note 1- Club Sports can choose to participate in either the Activities Midway or the Athletics Gateway, but not both. (We often grant exceptions to this rule, but this is entirely dependent on space available at the Activities Midway. If there is a shortage of booths we will enforce this rule.)
Note 2- Club Sports request bulletin board space through the Athletics Department, which assign space from a section of Bulletin Boards dedicated for these groups.
Note 3- FSILGs, residential or not, should obtain financial accounts and support from their national organizations. In the cases when that is not possible, SAFO will work with individual groups to determine their needs and discuss available options.
Note 4- MIT Student Groups, if necessary, can work with Student Activities Office and Campus Activities Complex for occasional access on a need basis.
Note 5- The ASA does not grant funding eligibility for dorms. However, those boards can make exceptions at their discretion. In particular the GSC funding board has typically made exceptions for grad dorms. (The UA Finboard has not made exceptions.)

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