ASA - Association of Student Activities

Group Privileges

MIT-Funded Student Group

Consider applying for MIT-funded status if you want to start a new student group which requires and merits funding from one of the student government-administered funding boards (for undergraduate groups, the UA Funding Board; and for graduate groups, the GSC Funding Board). Although the boards vary slightly in policy, in general groups that merit funding are those which promote student life for a significant portion of campus, which are significantly unique from existing groups and have a purpose that cannot be fulfilled by other existing student groups, and which have established a track record of excellence. MIT-funded status is the hardest to obtain, but also gives full access to Student Activities resources.

Please refer to the compare privileges page to compare the privileges of an MIT-funded student group with other designations. Note that, compared to non-funded MIT student group status, MIT-funded status grants a group funding board access, space (office, locker, bulletin board, and mailbox), CAC reservations, and an ad in The Tech.

If the ASA Board feels you may fit another designation better, we will make that recommendation.