ASA - Association of Student Activities

Group Privileges

Sponsor-Funded Student Group

A sponsor-funded group is one which is directly supported by an MIT department, program, or office of MIT, as well as existing student groups. A sponsor-funded group is one which is directly linked with its sponsor and therefore expects to obtain most of its resources from there. ASA recognition allows the group to be independent in every-day operations, with the ability to reserve space, have a recognized government, and use the MIT name.

For example, if a sponsor-funded group is directly linked with an MIT Department, the department provides funding, office space and publicity support, but the group is completely run by students.

Another example is a coalition of existing groups that want to have a structured way of working together. The coalition can formally exist to reserve rooms on campus for large events, apply for LEF/ARCADE funding, and have a set of representatives different from the individual groups. But the allocations of other resources still depends on the sponsoring groups; further, the existence of the coalition depends on the continued recognition of the sponsoring groups.